Hello hello, my SEO warriors! Here at Search Engine Academy, we do teach basic and some advanced Google Analytics functions. However, our good friends over at E-Nor have developed the mother of all Google digital marketing courses teaching Google Analytics!

What This Google Digital Marketing Course is Teaching Us

I have been fortunate enough to attend the class here in Washington DC this week. Eric Fettman is a rock star GA guy! He has made understanding analytics very easy. He has instilled confidence in every student to take on custom report creation, dashboards, safe filter creation, using Google Tag Manager, and mastering the E-Commerce functionality of Google Analytics. Yay!

Eric is starting today off by outlining E-Nor’s coaching program post-training. These guys are serious about helping you stay proficient in applying your new Google Analytics skills.

We covered Google Webmaster Tools, and how to integrate it into our Analytics dashboards. This was very helpful for several folks who did not know you could do this.

Eric then took us through creating dashboards, explaining all the different options to create really useful ones. This was also very helpful for people who didn’t know you can create any dashboard with different pieces of data.

We went over the limited integration for CRM with Google Analytics. You can track phone calls using the Google App Gallery.

After lunch, Eric covered Multi-Channel Funnels. I have to admit I have never explored this section of Google Analytics. Now I understand how powerful the MCF is for really pulling out some fairly granular information on what’s contributing (or not) to goals and conversions. Really good stuff!!

The only things left to cover are annotations and content experiments. Those modules are going to be just as informative as the rest I’ve already gone through.

Bottom line: Get your butt over to E-Nor’s site and see when and if their Google digital marketing training is coming soon to a location near you. I highly recommend this course for entry to mid-level SEOers who are fairly comfortable with Google Analytics and want to be coached through the more sophisticated, advanced functions to get better, finer data for marketing purposes and improving website performances.

As always my dear SEO friends…keep it between the ditches! That’s an order!  😉

All the best to you,