It’s hard to miss the buzz around ChatGPT, the “AI” chatbot introduced by Open AI late last year. It has made headlines in mainstream media around the world for its ability to engage in humanlike conversation and provide insightful answers to many questions. However most people I talk to who aren’t enmeshed in tech, especially in SEO, are still fuzzy about what it can do and what it’s like to use ChatGPT.

The purpose of this “interview,” is to get the basics of what it is and put it into a format you can easily digest, and also give you a demonstration of the ChatGPT experience.

You’ll note that, with the exception of the first response, I’ve placed Chat’s answers as images. The reason is that I’m not sold on producing content for blog posts or pages that is largely AI, and so I’d rather Google not crawl this post and think we’re trying to take the easy way out on our content creation.

Generative AI representation of ChatGPT as a human

Image produced by ChatGPT’s sister project DALL-E with the following prompt: A realistic representation of ChatGPT as a tech industry executive about 35 years old, with a friendly, welcoming look, answering questions from an unseen interviewer. Show head and shoulders and show the subject making a point while gesturing.

Thanks for sitting for this interview. Why don’t we start by you telling me a little bit about yourself.

Sure! I am ChatGPT, an AI language model created by OpenAI. I was trained on a massive dataset of text from the internet to generate human-like text. I am able to respond to questions, generate creative writing, summarize text, translate languages, and more.

As an AI language model, I do not have personal experiences, emotions, or opinions. I am a machine that has been designed to process and generate text based on the patterns and relationships I have learned from the data I was trained on.

My goal is to provide helpful and accurate information to the users who interact with me. I am always learning and updating my knowledge to improve my responses, so I am always ready to answer any questions you might have.

To someone working as a digital marketer, how would you describe what ChatGPT is?

Can Google detect the content you produce and understand that it is generated by generative AI from an LLM?

Excerpt from ChatGPT interview


What is the best way for a digital marketing company to prepare for the rise of generative AI like Chat GPT and other Large Language Models?

Excerpt from interview with ChatGPT, answer about how a digital marketing company can prepare for LLM

Is generative AI a Google killer?

Excerpt from interview with ChatGPT, answer about generative AI

But won’t people search for answers using chat gpt instead of google?

Excerpt from interview with ChatGPT, answer about people using it as an alternative to Google

Is Google worried about ChatGPT?

Excerpt from interview with ChatGPT, answer about whether Google is worried about ChatGPT

What about SEO, is it becoming obsolete?

Excerpt from interview with ChatGPT, answer about whether SEO is becoming obsolete

Thank you for your time!