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Hello again, my SEO warriors! While we teach Google Analytics here at Search Engine Academy, we don’t go into the depth and detail that our dear friends at E-Nor provide to get a better handle on how to use this powerful tool.

We’re doing Reporting fundamentals today! We have reviewed how to interpret landing page metrics that are meaningful. We also did one of my favorite things – in page analytics! Folks had a great time playing with this.

Then, we talked about one of my favorite parts of Google Analytics – site search. We had a great discussion about how this section can impact your information architecture, keyword research and discovering opportunities for SEO, yay!

E-Nor trainer Eric Fettman patiently showed class attendees how to set up goals and funnels. These are so poorly understood and woefully underutilized! Eric was a rock star, walking everyone through how to set up one goal and funnel for a “contact us” page.

The E-Commerce section is interesting, in how you determine a page value. Did you know it’s based on unique page views? I didn’t before; I do now! I had never understood per-visit goal value. These are tied to goals you set up. However, the per-visit value is applicable to the E-Commerce function.

We’re going to go over advanced segments and custom reporting later today. However, I’ll be back tomorrow with another review of the final day of E-Nor’s Google Analytics course.

Until then, keep it between the ditches amigas and amigos!

All the best,