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Keyword Vocabularies to Supercharge your SEO Content

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Want to make your content attract Google’s all-seeing eye? In a good way? Then you need to know how to create SEO themes for your content that match what Google is looking for. This goes beyond “keywords” and takes us into “keyword vocabularies.”

Keyword research, is great, and we teach you a lot about it, but it will only take you so far with Google. That’s because Google’s algorithm “thinks” in a broader, more human-like context. It’s called Natural Language Processing (NLP) and it’s been around a long time. It’s the set of tools Google uses to try and determine what a search really wants (“searcher intent”), and then match it to pages that give them what they want.

In this webinar, SEA President Ross Barefoot will take explain the skillset and tools you need:

  • Use Google KW Planner to begin building your SEO vocabulary
  • Expand on what you see in KW Planner by bringing Google Search Console into the mix
  • Use one of the best undiscovered research tools for this: “People Also Ask”
  • Optional extra: It may be paid, but SEMRush has a powerful tool for rounding out your effort
  • Putting your SEO Keyword Vocabulary into action

These are “advanced” topics, but they also are easy to use if you know the pro insider tips.

All this, plus your questions.

When: Wednesday, December 1st at

8am HST, 11am PST, noon MST, 2pm EST, 7pm BST, 11:30pm IST
Thu Oct 21st… 2am SGT/AWST, 5am AEST, 7am NZST

Who: Ross Barefoot, President, Search Engine Academy

Save My Seat!

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