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Getting Started With Keyword Research

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Why do keyword research?

Keyword research is the foundation, not only for SEO efforts, but also a broader digital marketing program.

Keyword research is also an important part of doing market research.

This three part masterclass is not merely for SEO consultants, but also for digital marketing consultants, market research professionals, business owners, and even product development specialists.

Here’s what you’ll learn in part 1:

  • What we mean by “keyword research” (how the Search Engine Academy defines it might surprise you)
  • What the objectives are
  • Getting started with strategies, tactics, and tips

In part 2, we’ll cover:

In part 3, we’ll discuss semantic search, a mysterious subject you really must know if you want to succeed:

  • What semantic search is and why Google has mastered it
  • How to use “keyword forensics” to get in front of Google, and to get in front of your customers

All this, plus your questions.

When: Wednesday, April 6th, April 13th & April 20th at

8am HST, 11am PST, noon MST, 2pm EST, 7pm BST, 11:30pm IST
Thu Oct 21st… 2am SGT/AWST, 5am AEST, 7am NZST

Who: Ross Barefoot, President, Search Engine Academy

Save My Seat!

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