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Advanced Keyword and Competitor Research

Save My Seat!

Most SEOs think of the keyword planner in Google Ads as a tool for getting suggested keywords and volume estimates, and it certainly is that, but Google has quietly been adding all sorts of enhancements to the planner that make it even more powerful.

In this webinar, SEA President Ross Barefoot will take you through the following topics:

  • Use groupings to give you a head start on building the most powerful tool in content creation: themes
  • Read between the lines to understand how Google thinks about keywords and how they fit into a bigger picture of “searcher intent”
  • Have Google tell you what they think your pages – and your competitors’ pages – are “relevant” to
  • How to use the planner like Google Trends, but with volume estimates!
  • How to use Semantic Filtering in the planner

These are “advanced” topics, but they also are easy to use if you know where to look.

All this, plus your questions.

When: Wednesday, October 20th at

7pm GMT
2pm Eastern
11am Pacific

Who: Ross Barefoot, President, Search Engine Academy

Save My Seat!

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