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It’s refreshing to find such a reputable SEO instructor at the Search Engine Academy.
Joan Khalaf


As a web developer it’s easy to think that you know what to do when it comes to SEO. I am truly thankful to Beth for expanding my knowledge of the entire SEO discipline. Her expertise and knowledge are greatly appreciated.
Brent Rusk

Freelance Web Developer Designer

You guys are amazing! I attend different courses conducted by some of the top names in the Industry but this is the best course I have ever attended.

Overall this was a great workshop. The SEO seminar was very informative and eye-opening. It offered a well-presented overview of everything I needed to know to start implementing competitive SEO packages in our business. Great course and great instructor.

Sean Cooney

Marketing Professional

I thought the workshop was excellent! Ross is Very knowledgeable and thorough.
Susan Demander

Co-Founder, YippyGroove

I’m amazed and it was a wonderful course. SEO is something very unique and I really like it and I learned a lot about the internet business…
Chandra Sharma

The overall experience at the workshop was fabulous! There were adequate examples shared & free exchange of ideas encouraged.
Chris Han

Very enjoyable, very educational I am looking forward to the Advanced Workshop.
Dan Harrison

Budget Blinds

My company manages quite a few websites and we were lacking high visibility on search engines for these sites. I searched for a workshop that would help teach me what I needed to know about SEO to help out our sites. I took the class with Beth Browning and I’m amazed at the amount knowledge she has on the subject. The class was extremely informative into the inner workings of page rankings, author accreditation, and keyword tools, just to name a few.
Michael Glykis

Director of Technology, Island Def Jam / Republic Records

I got our new website to rank HIGHER than the old one being worked on by our previous SEO company. Thanks for giving me the confidence to know I can do it myself and the knowledge to know what to look for in an SEO provider.
Elizabeth Bailey

Plano Heating and Air Conditioning

Sue is a caring and extremely knowledgeable SEO Educator at Search Engine Academy. The knowledge she has given me on how to get the best of my website is priceless. In easy to understand terms, she has given me the confidence and support I need to achieve great results with my goals in SEO for my business website.
Lisa Weeks

Director, Marie's Pizza

Great teacher, made the material easy to understand. Enjoyed learning about Spam and Pay Per Click.
Jeffery O

I just want to say thank you for a wonderful week of SEO training.  Your knowledge and eagerness of SEO has been great, as has your patience with my MANY questions.  You have given me a great deal of excitement about the future potential of our business and you have given me the resources and confidence to start improving our website’s rankings and ultimately our business growth.  Thanks again!
Naomi O

Owner, Due Soon

Definitely recommend the SEO mastery course. I have recently completed the 5 day SEO mastery course with little experience with SEO in the past. The course was easy to understand and keep up with and I gained a wealth of knowledge.

Marketing Co-Ordinator, Anti-Aging

I would like to thank Sue Cooper for an incredibly interesting and informative session on SEO. I learnt more about SEO in two hours with her than I did in 7 years at Uni, I would recommend her SEO & SEM courses to everyone.
Julie Sanderson

Marketing Consultant

It was a pleasure working with Tom. His knowledge of SEO is deep and wide. We learned a tremendous amount in a short period of time. I highly recommend his services.
Rick T

A big thanks to my super buddy Sue Cooper from Search Engine Academy Australia who is putting up with all my stupid & crazy questions about SEO. Learning so much!! Have set up Twitter, Linked In, facebook, Hootsuite and You Tube is next on the list!!! Sue thanks so much!!! This is an entire new world, speaking a new language & I am really glad to have you doing the interpreting for me!! xoxo
Kylie C


I enrolled in Tom’s master SEO class to brush up on my search engine optimization skills for both my company and my clients. The information that Tom presented was above and beyond what I expected to learn. Tom skillfully walked me through basic to advanced concepts–always making sure I understood every point. His expertise on the subject is obvious, and his teaching style is excellent. The information, exercises, materials, and bonuses given to me at this class made it a great investment of both my time and money
Marissa B

The Pay Per Click lesson was an eye opener. I understand it now and will probably use it.The information was very useful. I really enjoyed the class.
Juliana T

Great course for learning the essentials of search engine optimisation from someone who has done it and clearly loves it.  Sue was very enthusiastic and a great presenter.
Steve Harrison

Highly recommend the course, I am new to webpage development and I found Sue easy to understand and a wealth of information. Great day!
Vicky Spencer

They’re super knowledgeable and it makes learning SEO fun and interesting. Love the class! I would recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their online marketing techniques.
Mickey Arledge


I enjoyed the workshop thoroughly. I would recommend this workshop to any one from beginners, to SEO enthusiasts, and business owners to bloggers. Ross’s technical knowledge is outstanding!!

Byron Tuck

Marketing Specialist

This workshop was very informative, and did a wonderful job interacting and addressing specific questions. Great Job!

Jason Gay

Shop Manager, GJ Computer Center

Thanks for a great class. Not only did I learn a lot, but I’m inspired to get going on our website and getting some rankings. It almost feels like a game which is fun!

Tara Brosig

Vice President, Mountainside Production Services

I would highly recommend this SEO workshop.  I’ve just completed the 2 day introductory course and have been enlightened on the tools of SEO.  I really think it’s important to understand the technology as a business owner.  I now feel more confident to help implement future marketing campaigns.
Kristal Kraft

The information I learned at the last SES Conference was NOT half as beneficial as what I have learned and practiced during this 3 day course.
Richard Singh

I must congratulate you for running what can only be described as the most productive and informative workshop I have ever attended – ever – truly first class.
Mani Maran

WSI Internet Consultant

Great class – very informative! Loved that the class size was small & informal, I never hesitated to ask questions along the way & received great information.
Suzanne MacDonald

I wanted to thank you both for a job well done in training our new employees on effective search engine optimization strategies. Your wealth of knowledge and application is un-paralleled in the industry. You’ll definitely be seeing more of our new hires attend your classes. Keep up the good work!
Richard Valenta

President & CEO, TK Carsites

There is a lot of Value in taking this workshop, I feel confident that the value of my services has increased tremendously.
Mark T

Sue has an amazing understanding of SEO and Google Analytics. Things I just didn’t understand. Sue makes it easy to understand and put into practice. She takes immense pleasure in helping you get your business “discoverable”.

I highly recommend Sue and her workshops.

Elisa Mayenco

Owner, First Class Accounts - Redcliffe

As a web developer it’s easy to think that you know what to do when it comes to SEO. I am truly thankful to Beth Kahlich for expanding my knowledge of the entire SEO discipline. Her expertise and knowledge are greatly appreciated.
Brent Rusk

Freelance Web Developer Designer

If only… sometimes these words are so true… If only I had known a year ago the knowledge that Sue passed on in 90 mins at the Search Academy Qld seminar, my website and business would be in an amazing position by now!

Thought provoking and the most up to date and valuable information I’ve received in a long time… if you think you know the best ways to achieve results on the web and get the best from your website… then you haven’t attended this seminar. The only way my website will fail to achieve results now, is by not putting into action what I have learnt in those 90 mins!

If you’re in business and want to achieve results with your website, but think you can’t afford the time and effort, then I would say you can’t afford not to.

Paul Goodman

Owner, PG Graphic Design

The course covers tons of information and does it well. I can’t wait to get home and begin implementing the practices I learned-then see the difference they make. The course was definitely worth the trip from Kansas. The keyword research, site reviews and blog information were very helpful.
Suzanne K

Liked the click-thru tips at the end and the clarity gained about importance levels of various keyword placement. Loved the ad words section, Latent Semantic Indexing was completely new and helpful as well. Like the social media ideas for SEO. I finally understand the relevancy of blog’s to site SEO. Steve’s hands on expertise took this class from good to great!! I’ve been to many, many workshops and conferences over the years, and this was by far the best use of my time and resources.
Casey K

I have a great general knowledge of SEO now. 200% more than I knew walking in. Steve, our instructor, has an attention grabbing and authoritative way of teaching us. I left class each day excited to head back to the hotel and do some work.
Joseph H

SEO had always been one of those things I had put in the ‘too hard basket’ because it always seemed too intimidating and out of my (intellectual) reach… that was until I came across Search Engine Academy! Sue’s knowledge of all things ‘SEO’ is unbelievable and her enthusiasm is undeniable! Sue was easy to approach and she presented the information in a practical way that was easy to understand. The knowledge and skills I have gained are priceless and have set me on a new career path which I absolutely love! I would highly recommend SEA to anyone- and believe me, if I can do it you can too!!
Tammy Anderson

Social Media Co-ordinator

Did one of Sue’s SEO 1 day courses, FANTASTIC!!! Would highly recommend this to anyone who wants more from their website, all the tools Sue gives you are free and so accessible! In retrospect, I feel naked thinking back to what I didn’t know! In this case ignorance is not bliss! Thanks so much Sue!  🙂

Graphic Designer

I have been a web consultant for over 13 years and I have seen a lot of changes in the industry. I love the creative element of the web, but thought learning more about the SEO and Marketing aspects would be very beneficial to me. Honestly, I was apprehensive and a little frightened to attend a class on SEO. My knowledge was minimal, and the thought of learning SEO was very intimidating. I decided to face my fears and ‘Give it a try!

I took the 5 day Mastery class and I am so glad I did. OMG – what a great class! There was so much quality information. Tom took a complicated subject and made it very easy to understand. It is so refreshing to learn from someone who’s extremely passionate about what he knows and so gracious to share his knowledge with me. I will be forever grateful. It was well worth the money. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and/or Marketing strategies for the web.

Sally O.

The SEO testimonials above are among the thousands of people we have taught from all over the globe, and we love hearing how they themselves have become successful, either for their own website or for their clients.