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Discover the latest SEO strategies

and techniques in easy to understand language.

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Are you a busy Marketer, Executive, Business Owner or Web Designer who is…

SEO Training Classes for All Devices

  • STRUGGLING to attract new clients?
  • FRUSTRATED by your website?
  • TIRED of wasting your time on online marketing?
  • READY to finally get listed on Google?
  • UNSURE if your SEO company provides good service?
  • Feel LEFT BEHIND in the new world of digital marketing?
  • Looking for a NEW CAREER that requires SEO knowledge?

You will see a dramatic change by attending our SEO and digital marketing training classes.

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Basic SEO Training

  • A stress free system for doing SEO
  • Making your content effective
  • Google Panda and SEO
  • Links and Google Penguin
  • Avoiding trouble with the search engines
  • and more

Advanced SEO Training

  • Advanced keyword research
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Local SEO
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Google Day
  • and more

Complete SEO Training

  • Basic and Advanced combined
  • Local SEO
  • Semantic search
  • Mobile search
  • and more

As a web developer it’s easy to think that you know what to do when it comes to SEO. I am truly thankful to Beth Kahlich for expanding my knowledge of the entire SEO discipline.

Brent Rusk

Freelance Web Developer Designer

Sue has an amazing understanding of SEO and she makes it easy to understand and put into practice. Sue takes immense pleasure in helping you get your business “discoverable”.

Elisa Mayenco

Owner, First Class Accounts

I have a great general knowledge of SEO now. 200% more than I knew walking in. Steve has an attention grabbing and authoritative way of teaching us. I left class each day excited to head back to the hotel and do some work.

Joseph H

I took a 5-day SEO workshop in San Francisco, which Tom taught. He was generous with his time, and he clearly explained some complex topics (now I know what a robots.txt file is).  I recommend Tom’s SEO training.

James M

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