Pick One of The Best SEO Courses for Beginners

Pick a course and a training partner to keep your professional knowledge fresh and your career on track to the top

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Why are our courses the best SEO training option available?

You guys are amazing! I attend different courses conducted by some of the top names in the industry, but this is the best course I have ever attended.

Sean Cooney

Marketing Professional

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TaaS Model: Training As a Service

Like SaaS (software as a service), our TaaS model relies on the cloud and continuous updates to allow you to drop into our training infrastructure whenever you need. Explore our Subscription Based Training for more details.

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Subscription Based Training Courses

Some of our courses include a 12 month subscription to updates. It’s like software: buy one time, have access to regular improvements. At the end of the year, if the training continues to provide value to you, renew for less.

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Free SEO and Digital Marketing Webinars

A long tradition of Search Engine Academy, our regular free webinars are our way to demonstrate our teaching style and offer something back to the community. We think of them as Win-Win-Webinars.

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Free Recorded Training

We make sure that a fair amount of content from our best SEO courses for beginners is available at no charge. Like our webinars, our free recorded SEO classes are the perfect opportunity to learn something and also satisfy yourself that we know a thing or two about SEO and digital marketing. 😉

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Live SEO Workshops

This is the format that launched Search Engine Academy in 2002 and is still our favorite, although nowadays we also conduct them virtually using Zoom. There is no substitute for the give and take of a live classroom where the instructor is helping you understand and apply what you learn.

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Digital Marketing and SEO Mentoring

Many of our live workshops include follow-up mentoring, but you can also book appointments with our experienced trainers to give you the helping hand you need. Don’t just get the training, get the support to make it useful.