Corporate SEO Training for Your Team

Do you invest in your people? If you don’t, move along. Nothing to see here.

If you do, then find out how we can help you empower your digital marketing and web dev teams for the success of your whole organization.

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We Adapt to You, So that You Can Adapt to the Marketplace

Why We Know Our Approach to Enterprise SEO Will Work for Your Team

When we partner up with you to provide digital education, we don’t give you a canned approach to SEO. We offer a variety of services and we take the time to learn about your corporate goals, challenges, and capabilities BEFORE we start training your people.

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We are a small company and I am NOT a web developer. While we will not do all search engine optimization in house, this class has given us the tools to do most of the work and to job out the rest. The class also gave us a better understanding of SEO so that we know what to look for and can better manage our digital marketing dollars.

Tony Smith

Workshop Graduate and Business Owner

I wanted to thank you both for a job well done in training our new employees on effective search engine optimization strategies. Your wealth of knowledge and application is un-paralleled in the industry. You’ll definitely be seeing more of our new hires attend your classes. Keep up the good work!

Richard Valenta

President & CEO, TK Carsites

I just want to say thank you for a wonderful week of SEO training. Your knowledge and eagerness of search engine optimisation has been great, as has your patience with my MANY questions. You have given me a great deal of excitement about the future potential of our business and you have given me the resources and confidence to start improving our website’s rankings and ultimately our business growth. Thanks again!

Naomi O


How Our Approach to Corporate SEO Strategy Benefits Your Team

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Discussion: The Right Start Leads to the Best Outcome

All good relationships start with a discussion. Business is no exception. We begin by actually talking to you in order to formulate a successful corporate strategy: Phone, Zoom, in person, smoke signals. It’s your choice. We want to learn what your SEO goals are, what you need to achieve them, and what you’ve tried. How else can we know how we can help?

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Estimate: Keep Yourself on Budget

Here’s where we get to sharpen our pencil! You have a budget, and you need to be realistic. We want to make sure your expectations line up with what we can deliver. After we discuss what you need, we’ll recommend an approach and give you a cost estimate. You get to maximize your corporate SEO training budget and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Assessment: To Know You is to Help You

Once we agree to a program and strategy that’s within your budget (see “estimate”), and based on our fact-finding (see “discussion”), we typically do a top-to-bottom assessment on your digital marketing situation, taking into account where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go in your online marketing and what you hope to achieve in terms of search engine results.

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Customization: A Close Fit to Your Corporate Needs Means Maximum Value

You don’t need something that was designed for some other company, you need the right solution for YOU! Now it’s time for us to break your personal development out of a box and make it fit your specific business situation. We design a version of one or more of our SEO courses that will help your team deal with your particular set of criteria. You won’t waste your time learning stuff that doesn’t add value to your team.

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Training: Live Instruction Leads to Understanding

Now comes the fun part: One of our expert SEO instructors will walk your team through a live, custom training using your specific company requirements as the learning context. Nothing beats questions and answers with your team, using your business as the focus. Not just theory, but the tools and knowledge your team needs to apply what they’ve learned to hit the ground running.​

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Support: Coaching and Mentoring to Keep Your Team on Track

If you request a quote with mentoring, then your instructor remains involved in your SEO after the corporate training wraps up to help your team implement what they’ve learned. And by the way, all of our instructors are experienced digital marketing consultants, so you get the benefit of real world application, not just theoretical knowledge.