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Maybe we can answer some of your questions here; about our training, our organization, SEO, the meaning of life (ok, so that’s a bit of a reach)


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Frequently Asked SEO Training Questions

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Why is Search Engine Academy SEO Training Different?

  • All our SEO associate instructors have years of experience both in business and in SEO and digital marketing consulting and implementation, sometimes going back to the time when Prometheus gave fire to mankind. Well, almost. 
  • Not only did our instructors work as SEO consultants “at one time,” all of them are currently working with real world clients, like you.
  • In a world of random and chaotic YouTube videos, we still offer live workshops.
  • We offer instruction using our proprietary TaaS (Training as a Service) platform
  • We aren’t trying to sell a toolset to you. Don’t get us wrong, we think training from companies like Moz, SEMRush, Yoast, and others is great, and so are their SEO tools. But after all, are they really going to be unbiased about the choice of tools out there?
  • We aren’t YouTube. YouTube videos also serve a purpose, and we also have a YouTube channel. But a mish-mash of YouTube videos is no substitute for an actual training program.

Does Search Engine Academy Do Live, In Person Workshops?

Yes! Search Engine Academy started life as SEO Workshops, founded by John Alexander and Robin Nobles, and we remain committed to the belief that the gold standard in SEO training is live instruction. Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020, we’ve relied much more heavily on live instruction delivered via Zoom or similar, however we also have every intention to resume some in person instruction in a classroom setting as soon as conditions are right. The best way to find out about our live workshops is to check our Live SEO Workshops page regularly and subscribe to our newsletter.

Do You Offer SEO Certification?

Not right now, however SEA has a long history of providing certification. At the moment our certification program is being redesigned with major improvements planned. Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll notify you when we relaunch our certification program.

In What Locations do You Offer In Person Training?

Although things have been a bit uncertain (which is an understatement) since the arrival of COVID-19, Search Engine Academy offers training workshops in Las Vegas, Tampa, New York, Orange County California (United States), as well as many locations in Europe and Australia. Check our locations page for more information.

What is "Subscription-Based Training"?

Think of desktop software. Most software packages allow you to update their programs for a period of time. For example 12 months. After that, you can usually purchase a maintenance and update subscription for less than you paid for the full package. Well, we do the same thing.

Like software, we periodically “patch” our training. It’s increasing necessary as the big digital gatekeepers (think Google, Facebook, Apple, whatever) change the rules. When you buy one of our subscription-based courses (e.g. our Google My Business course) you will get access to a year’s worth of updates. And then have a chance to re-subscribe for less than the original purchase price. 

Look at our course catalog page and you’ll see which of our courses are subscription-based.

What is "Training as a Service" (TaaS)?

The best answer to this question is found on our TaaS information page, here.

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Do You Offer Discounts for Group Purchases?

We will do special quotes for organizations who want to buy 3 or more seats in a virtual or live training. Email us using and tell us what your specific needs are.

Is My Live Workshop Purchase Refundable?

In most cases we don’t offer discounts for live workshop seats purchased, simply because we have a very small class size, people need to make arrangements to attend, and it’s difficult if not impossible to change things at the last minute.

Do You Offer Customized or Private Instruction?

Yes. Please see our corporate SEO training page for more information.