What Are YouTube SEO Best Practices?

The world’s second largest search engine isn’t Bing, it’s YouTube.

Learn how YouTube search works and how to get the best results from your videos.

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Who this Course is Designed For

This course is intended not only for YouTube video creators (although it is intended for them too!) but for any business or organization that is considering promoting their message and their website through YouTube.

  • YouTubers or would be YouTubers
  • Marketing professionals
  • SEO professionals who need to know YouTube SEO optimization
  • SEO Strategists whose careers depending on understanding the added role YouTube can play
  • Content creators whose responsibilities include video

Level: Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

Training Goals

By the end of the course you should have a strong sense of confidence in:

  • How important YouTube has become not just for entertainment, but as a search engine
  • How YouTube search works, and how it’s different than Google search
  • What factors seem to increase the chance of your videos showing up in results
  • How to do keyword research for YouTube
  • What YouTube video optimization options are available for increasing results
  • How to turn YouTube “Insights” into actionable stategies
  • And much more. Just look at what’s “in the box”

Knowledge + Confident Implementation = SEO Success

Icon for "What's Inside the Box" sectionWhat’s Inside the Box? Right now, no one knows but the course creators.

This course is currently under development, with a scheduled release date in May. We will publish the module list here as soon as it’s finalized and before the course is released. If you fill out our “Get Notified” form, we will let you know whenever there’s a change in the status of this list and when the course is available for subscription purchase.

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