Subscription Based Training as a Service

In knowledge-based professions like SEO and digital marketing, staying current is your superpower

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Make Change Your Friend

How to Enroll:

  1. Go to our training portal page here
  2. Choose the program that you need and click “Not a Member”
  3. The page you go to will walk you through the signup for that course subscription
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As training professionals, I and the other instructors at the Search Engine Academy used to be overwhelmed by the pace of change. But then we created our Training as a Service approach. Our goal: make change a competitive advantage for our students and corporate training clients.

Ross Barefoot

President, Search Pros International

Go Beyond Purchasing a Course

When you purchase one of our subscription based training programs you don’t just buy a course, you unlock a regularly updated platform.

The base course is a module that covers the A to Z of a particular specialty within digital marketing.

But since the “fundamentals” change constantly, so does the course.

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Subscription Based

Some of our courses include a 12 month subscription to updates. It’s like software: buy one time, have access to regular improvements. At the end of the year, if the training continues to provide value to you, renew for less.

Our “Training as a Service” Platform

When you enroll in one of our Subscription Based courses, you get access to the Search Engine Academy TaaS (SEA-TaaS), which consists of three learning sections.

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Video Lessons

In the video lessons section of the TaaS platform you’ll find an easy way to move between discreet subjects. We typically keep lessons between 5 and 20 minutes long so you can digest them in reasonable bites of learning.

You can also skip around depending on your needs or requirements.

A progress bar at the bottom of the section keeps track of which modules you’ve completed so you can easily figure out what you still need to learn without guesswork.

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Downloads and Resources

In this section you’ll find any supporting documents that you can download, usually as PDF files. Those are things like checklists, worksheets, tips, etc.

Occasionally resources will be shared documents on Google Drive, such as spreadsheets that help you manage your work.

We also will post links to other useful resources across the Internet. That would be things like useful tools, additional informational websites, and so forth.

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This is a bit like a blog, with most recent posts at the top. As changes happen (and change is the one thing all of us are guaranteed!), we will create a post here that you can easily review.

When a change is major, we will also update training modules as needed and give you a heads up here. Since the modules are 5-20 minutes long, you only need to review what you need, when you need to.

Major changes also qualify for “push” notifications. In other words, we email subscribers that they need to pay attention. We won’t do this with minor changes however. The last thing you need is a flood of emails about small details. (Hey, that even rhymes!)