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SEO Workshops – Get Your SEO Certification

Our SEO workshops are designed to remove the confusion in figuring out the “secrets” of getting to the top of the search engines like Google.  Struggle no more! As a workshop participant, you’ll learn the power of SEO in our hands-on approach to search engine optimization training. You will work on your own websites in class, with expert step-by-step guidance. With the instructor helping you along, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to beat your competition.

We offer one of the longest-running SEO Certification courses in the world – with thousands of satisfied students and hundreds of years of expert SEO experience. We keep up with the changes at Google so you can stay ahead of the competition.

What You Will Learn In Our SEO Workshops!

  • 6-step systematic approach to gain top positions in the major search engines
  • Discover how to determine exactly what your ideal buying audience is searching for, instead of guessing or shooting in the dark
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to create content and in what order
  • Learn unique ways to make dramatic improvements to your-click-through ratios to beat the other guys – even if you’re not #1
  • Keyword forensics will explore the hidden evidence of your buying audiences search behavior very quickly
  • How to compel visitors to take action and respond
  • Take the guesswork out of internet marketing

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation available regarding search engine optimization and marketing. Our students learn the truth about:

  • Getting to the top of Google, Yahoo! and all other search engines the right way without fiddling with code
  • Getting ahead of, and stay ahead of your competition
  • Getting your site visitors to stay longer and respond to your calls to action
  • Gain practical, step-by-step skills to consistently outperform your competitors

Your website is your most powerful marketing tool available to you, it should have the ability to generate sales and increase business growth. With our six-step systematic approach, you will have the advantage of achieving results straight away, and the knowledge to completely blow your competition out of the water.

Julie Sanderson, SEO student“I would like to thank Sue Cooper for an incredibly interesting and informative session on SEO. I learnt more about SEO in two hours with her than I did in 7 years at Uni.  I would recommend her SEO & SEM courses to everyone.” Julie Sanderson, Master SEO Graduate, Sydney, Australia

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Search Engine Optimization Training Workshops

You have three programs in our hands-on workshops to choose from. These programs have been designed to give you the skills you need to feel confident in putting the techniques into practice, either for your own website or your client’s.

Complete SEO Training Workshop
If you’re an individual who wants to gain the most insight into the inner workings of Google and the other search engines, the Complete SEO Training Workshop gives you a leg up over your competitors, even if they have a professional SEO company working with them. Most students choose the Complete SEO Workshop because of all the material that’s covered. In addition graduates of the Master SEO Workshop enjoy another six months of mentoring with the instructor. This way, as you continue to practice your new-found skills, if you have a problem or get stuck, you still have help to keep your techniques fresh. Read more about the SEO Master Class
Advanced SEO Training Workshop
The Advanced SEO Training Workshop is a more in-depth program designed for the person who already basic SEO skills. In the advanced program, you’ll learn how to overcome personalized search engine results that stymie even professional SEOs. You’ll learn advanced keyword forensics and research, and with these skills, you’ll discover keywords that others consistently miss, and go right to the top. Discover how social media can be a powerful key to getting traffic and search engine results even more quickly that rote “SEO”. Read more about the SEO Advanced Class
Basic SEO Training Workshop
The Basic SEO Training Workshop provides you with two full days of instruction, practice, and workbook materials to ensure you have the basics that will guarantee results. The techniques taught during the Basic workshop do not require technical knowledge or HTML (hypertext markup language). You’ll practice and learn our easy six-step approach to getting results right away. Read more about the SEO Essentials Class
SEO Mentoring Program

The Six-Month SEO Mentoring Program provides Maser Level graduates with ongoing support for your SEO skills at no extra cost. As part of your Master SEO Workshop tuition, you’ll have support after the workshop ends. Now you can gain the genuine skills you need right from your local SEO industry expert and continue to learn. This SEO Mentoring Program is worth over US$1500, but it’s included at no cost to all students who sign up for the Master SEO Workshop.

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Don’t waste another minute chasing algorithms or stressing because you can’t see the results you expected from your website – register now for a workshop – you will hit the ground running with practical knowledge and never look back.

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