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Free SEO Training:

Webinar Recordings from Search Engine Academy Instructors

The webinars listed on this page draw on the decades of experience from our team of instructors, every one of whom is not only a certified trainer but a practicing digital marketing and SEO consultant.  Check back often as new content is added.

Where To Focus Your SEO Efforts In 2021

Google My Business: 3 Power Tips to Supercharge Your Listing

  • Take advantage of Google’s texting features so that interested prospects can do what everyone does in this day and age: text message you to connect about your business
  • Turn your Google My Business listing into a “Frequently Asked Questions” platform to engage searchers
  • Help you identify your Google My Business traffic better in Google Analytics so you can identify how well your listing is really performing

Ask the Experts

  • Have you been struggling with an SEO issue?
  • Questions about your Google My Business Listings?
  • Trying to find good link partners?
  • Trying to decide between tools?
  • Want to find out if that SEO you hired is doing their job?
  • Do you want to pick our brains about keyword research?

How to Set Up Conversion Goals in Google Analytics

By the end of the webinar, you will understand:

  • Why goals are the “must have” component in any Google Analytics installation
  • How to deliver content to different audiences
  • The different types of goals you can use
  • How to set up goals and what mistakes you need to avoid
  • Why some types of goals are useless, and others are essential
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