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SEO mentoring

SEO Mentoring Program

This invaluable support SEO mentoring program is offered exclusively by the Search Engine Academy and is only available to students who successfully complete our Master SEO Workshop with an exam result of 76% or higher.

Once you have completed the Master SEO Workshop program, you will have access to personal one-on-one mentoring with your instructor for the next six months. This industry support program is designed so that any real world problems you encounter with your website progress can be discussed directly with your instructor.

Once you leave the classroom, you’ll realize the amount of content that was covered in the workshop. It’s easy to forget some of the details that you learned and practiced in the classroom. Post-class mentoring is specifically designed to make sure that you continue to succeed, even after you leave the classroom.

“Tom was a great teacher and really knew his material. It was also apparent that he was passionate about the subject of SEO, organic techniques and ‘best practices’. I felt the entire time that somehow I was getting way more than my money’s worth, and that somehow I had found that ‘mentor’ that I needed to make the transition to SEO ‘expert.'”

Melissa Wong
Master Workshop Graduate
South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA

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How Does The SEO Mentoring Program Work?

When you need some additional advice, you will book your session and submit a minimum of five website pages for your instructor to review. Together on-screen, your instructor will confirm the areas where you have a solid understanding, will guide you through sections for improvement and give you the technical advice needed to get over your hurdle.

Sessions can be scheduled in one-hour blocks each month for the six months following your workshop, and you are able to choose the most suitable timeframes for your mentoring

Remember, the Six Month SEO Mentoring Program is only available to Master SEO Workshop Graduates.

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