SEO Fundamentals, “Fly on the Wall” Course

Over 50 modules and 30 hours of up-to-date SEO techniques and strategies.

You’ll be the “fly on the wall” as the Master SEO instructor Steve Scott takes a group of students through a 5-day workshop.

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Who this Course is Designed For

Designed for anyone who wants a thorough grounding in a broad set of the basic elements of SEO, for example

  • Webmasters who need to understand the various aspects so that they can be Search Engine Aware and bring this into their development of new sites for clients
  • Marketing professionals who have responsible for web marketing and need to know how they should be taking SEO into account as they strive to bring online results for their clients
  • Budding SEO technicians who have learned “just enough to be dangerous” and now want a more structured education in the most important aspects
  • Intermediate SEOs who need to take their SEO to the next level
  • Beginning web marketers who want to specialize in some area of SEO and Web Marketing, but don’t know exactly where yet
  • Knowledge-Hungry Corporate executives who manage an SEO team and want to do it from a position of understanding
  • Experienced SEOs who want to learn advanced techniques and review the current standard in foundational ones

Level: Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

How the Course is Organized

The course is broken down into 5 units which were presented during the live workshop as full-day sessions. Each unit is broken down into modules. To see the full list of units and modules, take a look at what’s “in the box.”

  • 5 units
  • 50 modules
  • 30 hours

Note: Since our “Fly on The Wall” trainings are recordings of live trainings, they are not subscription based.

Training Goals

By the end of the course you should have a strong sense of confidence in

  • How Search Engines work
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Link building
  • Technical SEO
  • And much more. Just look at what’s “in the box”

Knowledge + Confident Implementation = SEO Success

Instructor: Steve Scott

Steve Scott - SEA Master Trainer
Steve is a practicing SEO consult and experienced SEO trainer with decades of experience in both fields.

Read More About Steve Here

I have a great general knowledge of SEO now. 200% more than I knew walking in. Steve, our instructor, has an attention grabbing and authoritative way of teaching us. I left class each day excited to head back to the hotel and do some work.

Joseph H

What’s Inside the Box

Name of moduleDuration
Unit 1
1-1 – What is SEO4:14
1-2 – How Search Engines Work1:55
1-3 – Organic vs. Paid Search4:22
1-4 – Why Apply SEO to Your Website4:08
1-5 – The Benefits of Doing SEO4:02
2-1 – The 6 Step System11:39
2-2 – Step 1 Keyword Search Process1:01:42
2-3 – Step 2 Write Content for the Visitor59:14
2-4 – Step 3 Mild Rewrite for On-Page SEO1:26:03
2-5 – Step 4 Getting Your Pages Indexed20:39
2-6 Step 5 Monitoring Your Progress56:24
2-7 – Step 6 Work in Ranges of Pages23:37
Unit 2
1-1 – Linking Strategies22:36
1-2 – External Linking Strategies1:13:51
1-3 – Google Penguin22:36
1-4 – Internal Linking Strategies13:31
1-5 – Sitemaps11:32
2-1 – How to Stay Out of Trouble34:50
3-1 – Getting the Most Out of Your Blogs48:44
4-1 – Optimizing Your Site for Local Areas1:02:28
5-1 – Creativity43:22
Unit 3
1-1 – Advanced Keyword Research32:21
1-2 – Semantic Search11:22
2-1 – Enhancing Content Relevancy15:11
2-2 – Tools to Help Enhance Your Content5:45
3-1 – Mobile Search and SEO43:27
3-2 – Accelerated Mobile Pages10:59
4-1 – Video SEO47:33
5-1 – Local Stack4:48
5-2 – Possum Update19:17
5-3 – Local Citation Sources1:02:12
5-4 – Whats in a GMB Listing5:30
5-5 – Breaking News on GMB7:34
5-6 – Completing Your GMB Profile44:27
6-1 – Information Architecture22:33
7-1 – Personalization of Search22:01
Unit 4
1-1 – Google Ads1:27:43
1-2 – Creating Your Ads18:03
1-3 – Campaign Settings51:32
1-4 – Planning Your Sponsored Campaigns4:26
1-5 – Additional Features14:34
2-1 – Google Analytics1:28:33
2-2 – Advanced Setup Tasks50:39
3-1 – Google Search Console1:10:18
Unit 5
1-1 – Link Profile Evaluation and Pruning51:11
2-1 – Structured Data and SEO33:28
3-1 – Site Technical Issues and Solutions1:24:07
4-1 – Competitive Intelligence for SEO37:51
5-1 – Persuasive Copywriting for the Web29:27
6-1 – Press Releases and SEO35:53
7-1 – Social Media and SEO44:01
8-1 – Tips for the Professional SEO48:44