SEO Training in Orange County, California

Eric Seropyan | Mitch Albert

The Search Engine Academy Orange County is a Licensed Training Associate of the Search Engine Academy.

They teach classes in Orange County, California and the surrounding area. Their focus is to teach the same curricula as the Search Engine Academy, and impart a standardized methodology to doing proper, “white-hat” search engine optimization techniques.

Eric Seropyan, Co-Director

Eric is responsible for the Orange County Search Engine Academy’s Social Media, Workshops and Advertising.

Eric is also the President and founder of This Is My South Bay which is a digital marketing agency. The agency focuses on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and an overall digital marketing campaign strategy.

Eric has a great overall understanding of how to create an online community. To deliver clients and sales while created and expanding a brand. Eric has over 10 years of experience working with small businesses to help generate exposure, clients, leads, and sales.

Eric is currently a member of the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce and is working to help several non-profits with their digital marketing campaigns.

Eric can be reached by email:
or by phone at 562-596-7557 or 310-383-7819 Cell

Mitch Albert, Co-Director & Master Level Instructor

Mitch has over 39 years of experience running small-to-medium sized businesses to fortune 1000 sales divisions. Mitch has spent the last 27 of those years in the computer, web development, e-commerce, e-education, search engine optimization and the e-marketing side of the business world.

His business experience is a unique blend of technical, business development and Internet marketing and design, which affords Mitch the “big picture” advantage. Mitch holds many certifications and has been recognized by such companies as Microsoft, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Cisco and Google. Mitch has also been on the technology committee and has been an SEO Speaker at the Irvine Chamber of Commerce.

Orange County, California, USA

Search Engine Academy Trainer, Eric Seropyan

Eric Seropyan

SEO Experience: 10 years
Specialties:  Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Brand Creation, Dynamic Websites, PPC

Search Engine Academy Trainer, Mitch Albert

Mitch Albert

SEO Experience: 30 years
Specialties:  Lead Generation, Dynamic Websites, PPC