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Miho Karlic

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The Search Engine Academy Europe is a Licensed Training Associate of the Search Engine Academy. Their focus is to teach the same curricula in Europe as the Search Engine Academy, and impart a standardized methodology to doing proper, “white-hat” search engine optimization techniques.

Miho A. Karlic, Master Level Instructor

Miho (Mike) A. Karlic was born in Canada, brought up in the USA and as a teenager moves to the Mediterranean, where his parents originally come from. After his education as a foreign correspondent and a couple of years working in the hotel industry, he moves to West Germany in search of a new career.

The mainstream communication technology in the early 80’s was telex (teleprinters) which evolved from telegraph systems. Later, fax machines (facsimile) replaced most business needs for daily written communication.

In the mid 80’s, Miho moves to sales & marketing in the airline industry. He runs up the latter within various international airines and then becomes the business development manager for a global (GSA) General Sales Agent that represents airlines worldwide. At this stage, mainstream marketing is basically outbound and classic advertising (print & tv, still very little internet used at the time). However, he takes full advantage of using new technoligies as means of business communication with peers and potential new business partners. He plans and opens the companies first network of offices across Europe and executes their own VPN (virtual private network). For the next decade he travels consistently, holding presentations to airlines, Airports & Hotel groups worldwide.

In 2001, Miho became a father and decides to move back to Croatia. He found his own consulting firm for SME’s. The firm provides services for web development, SEO, SEM, SMO. Since 2006, small & medium size companies take advantage of Miho’s experience in online Marketing to achieve their online goals.


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Business & Computing Experience:

Since the early 80s, Miho was fascinated by new technologies that make doing business easier & more effective, especially from a distance and beyond borders. Today, in addition to classic marketing activities, businesses are shifting to inbound strategies, lead generation and organic Search engine optimisation.

From 1981, DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) and then the first graphical OS (operating system from Microsoft) Windows version 1 in 1985.

1990 onwards, as soon as internet went public, internet search engines become his favourite. Search engines: Archie, Excite, Infoseek, Altavista, Yahoo, WebCrawler, Lycos, Inktomi Hotbot, Ask, Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, etc.

In 2006, he becomes a certified WSI internet consultant.

In 2012 he forms the Search Engine Academy in Europe.

Ever since, Miho loves to teach SEO & organise SEO training sessions across Europe.

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Search Engine Academy Trainer, Miho A. Karlic

Miho A. Karlic

SEO Experience: 15 years
  SEO Design, Usability, Competitive Analysis, Structered Data
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