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SEO Training Montreal Quebec

The Search Engine Academy Canada is a Licensed Training Associate of the Search Engine Academy. Their focus is to teach the same curricula as the Search Engine Academy, and impart a standardized methodology to doing proper, “white-hat” search engine optimization techniques.

They are based in Montreal, Quebec in Canada, and teach their hands-on SEO workshops in Montreal and the surrounding area.

Gregory Mate, Master Level Instructor

Greg Mate is a principal consultant, instructor and regular speaker, and the President of Search Engine Academy Montreal. He says, “Marketing and SEO have long been passions, and now social media is making it even more fun!”

Greg has been a Certified SEO instructor since 2006 providing SEO training to web designers, webmasters, business executives and owners the world over from Delta Hotels to Ubisoft. He has a significant body of experience as a professional search engine optimizer, website designer and internet marketer, and has owned and operated a successful advertising agency for over 20 years. Indeed watching the internet evolve since he was introduced to email in 1988 or 89 (it was long ago) when selling accounting software, finally in 2004 he became involved in web design in Montreal.

Greg has helped a number of businesses achieve top search engine rankings and increased website traffic in both Canada and the U.S. He holds a B.A. in Economics & Marketing from Concordia University.

Search Engine Academy Montreal

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Search Engine Academy Trainer, Gregory Mate

Gregory Mate

SEO Experience: 10 years
Specialties:  Web Design, Usability, Conversion Optimization
Phone 1-514-426-4000
Email | Google+ | LinkedIn

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