Keyword Research for SEO: How to use keywords

Since John Alexander coined the term “Keyword Forensics,” Search Engine Academy training helps you understand much more than keywords

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Who this Course is Designed For

This course will not only benefit SEO professionals. Keyword research is also crucial for marketing people who need to understand their customers (oh wait, that’s all marketing people)

It is also helpful to content creators who want to make sure what they create will actually serve a need and be read.

Level: Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

Training Goals

By the end of the course you should have a strong sense of confidence in

  • Knowing why keywords still drive search
  • How keywords are the smallest component of “keyword” research
  • How to use keyword research to better understand searcher behavior and searcher intent
  • How to use keyword research to better understand Google
  • Ways to examine competitor behavior with keyword data
  • The best free tools for keyword research and how to use those tools
  • And much more.

Knowledge + Confident Implementation = SEO Success