Free SEO Webinars for 2020: Check Out What's Up at the Academy
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SEO Webinars for 2020: Always Free, Always Useful

SEO Webinar Schedule

Webinar: How To Setup Conversion Goals In Google Analytics

Wednesday October 14th

11am PT, 12pm MT, 2pm ET, 6pm GMT, 2am (Thur) AWST/SGT, 4am (Thur) AEST, 6am (Thur) NZST

In this webinar Ross Barefoot will give you an introduction to the essential nature of using “goals” in Google Analytics.

In case you’re not familiar with Goals in GA, they are the go-to method for tracking – and improving – your website success over time. Goals, also known as “conversions,” are the point where you actually turn all of your hard work producing your website into actual results that will earn you customers, followers, and profit.

By the end of the webinar, you will understand:

  • Why goals are the “must have” component in any Google Analytics installation
  • How to deliver content to different audiences
  • The different types of goals you can use
  • How to set up goals and what mistakes you need to avoid
  • Why some types of goals are useless, and others are essential

Join us on Oct 14th at 2:00pm Eastern so you can ask your specific questions at the end of the webinar.

Webinar: Ask Us Anything Mastermind Session

Wednesday October 28th

11am PT, 12pm MT, 2pm ET, 6pm GMT, 2am (Thur) AWST/SGT, 4am (Thur) AEST, 6am (Thur) NZST

2 Expert SEO Trainers + 40 years of SEO Experience + Your Questions.  What could be a better use of 1 hour of your time?

  • Have you been struggling with an SEO issue?
  • Questions about your Google My Business Listings?
  • Trying to find good link partners?
  • Trying to decide between tools?
  • Want to find out if that SEO you hired is doing their job?
  • Do you want to pick our brains about keyword research?

This is your webinar, you choose!



What People are Saying

“I think this is the best webinar on the subject that I have seen; it was very clear and very well explained, and most importantly accurate. “ — Carlos Escalera, Google Analytics Expert with

“…probably the most useful webinar I have ever attended! Thank you!” — Janet W.

“Great webinar…” — Tom Veltri, Director of Search with SEO Rocket

“Great job on your Adwords presentation. You do really well at info delivery and completeness of content.” — Nicholas Gantenberg, Ph.D.,

BraveWeb, LLC a WSI firm

Past Webinars

Our previous webinars have all been recorded, and are available free for a limited time.  Learn directly from our instructors as they share on a variety of SEO and SEM topics.  Visit the SEO Webinar Archives

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