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YouTube Optimization, Part 2

Wednesday Aug 21st
11am PT, 12pm MT, 2pm ET, 7pm GMT, 2am (Fri) AWST, 4am (Fri) AEST

How Do I Get My Videos to Rank on YouTube?

If you attended part one of our YouTube optimization webinar you got some great tips for finding the keywords your videos should target to bring business results. So far, so good (and if it’s after July 24th and you missed that webinar, check it out it and all our webinar courses at

But now, how do you get those videos to rank in search? First, you need to learn a bit about what videos perform well in YouTube search. Of course YouTube won’t tell you, but we will. In this webinar we will give you that insight based on recent studies. We will provide fact-based answers to questions like these:

  • What length of video does best in YouTube research?
  • How do you establish “authority” for your video?
  • How do you demonstrate to YouTube that people will really want to see your video content?
  • Do keywords matter? And if they do, how do you use them to optimize your videos?



YouTube Optimization, Part 3

Wednesday Sep 4th
11am PT, 12pm MT, 2pm ET, 7pm GMT, 2am (Fri) AWST, 4am (Fri) AEST

Putting the Pieces Together – Step by Step Optimization

In the first two installments of our YouTube SEO webinar series we covered keyword research for YouTube (part one) and ranking factors (part two).

In this final video in the series we will take the data we’ve accumulated from our keyword research, apply the knowledge of ranking factors based on current testing, and walk through an action plan to update and modify videos for better search performance.

Here’s what you’ll learn about in this session:

  • How to update your video title and description
  • How you can research the tags your competitors are using (hint: it’s not obvious)
  • Adding the best tags to your videos
  • Built in power tools that YouTube gives you to improve your channel performance, such as
  • End screens
  • Cards
  • Captions
  • What “embeds” are, why they help, and how to encourage other sites to use them
  • Tips for creating future videos



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What People are Saying

“I think this is the best webinar on the subject that I have seen; it was very clear and very well explained, and most importantly accurate. “ — Carlos Escalera, Google Analytics Expert with

“…probably the most useful webinar I have ever attended! Thank you!” — Janet W.

“Great webinar…” — Tom Veltri, Director of Search with SEO Rocket

“Great job on your Adwords presentation. You do really well at info delivery and completeness of content.” — Nicholas Gantenberg, Ph.D.,

BraveWeb, LLC a WSI firm

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