Creating SEO-Powered Content

We don’t want to use that tired old phrase yet again (you know, “content is king” — whoops, guess we just did)…

Learn how to create content that pleases humans and “bots” alike!

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Who this Course is Designed For

Designed primarily for copy writers, visual asset designers, marketing strategists, branding specialists…

…who want to make sure that their website messaging also helps Google to understand and prioritize their content for the ideal content consumer

Level: Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

Training Goals

By the end of the course you should have a strong sense of confidence in

  • Why content is critical for visibility in search
  • What kind of content is most important for SEO purposes
  • Basic Keyword research so you can plan your content well
  • SEO-specific content such as duplicate content, thin content, low quality content, etc.
  • How Google evaluates your content, including their E-E-A-T framework (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust)
  • What “Your money or your life (YMYL)” queries are to Google, and why content creators should know
  • And much more. Just look at what’s “in the box”

Knowledge + Confident Implementation = SEO Success

icon for what's inside the box sectionWhat’s Inside the Box? Right now, no one knows but the course creators.

This course is currently under development, with a scheduled release date in May. We will publish the module list here as soon as it’s finalized and before the course is released. If you fill out our “Get Notified” form, we will let you know whenever there’s a change in the status of this list, and when the course is available for subscription purchase.

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