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Email marketing is one of the most underrated type of marketing channels out there. With all the buzz that is surrounding social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it’s no surprise that traditional ways of marketing such as sending good old emails are taking the back seat. Social does seem like the next hot channel.

On first glance, that is.

You see, Facebook is inherently a place for social engagement. There used to exist a startup called “BranchOut”. A LinkedIn type of platform build on top of Facebook. Investors thought it was a brilliant idea that tapped on the networking effect of Facebook, but it turned out to be a spectacular flop. People visit Facebook to be entertained, and nothing else.

With that said, why should you then turn to email marketing? Here are a few solid reasons why:

1. Email is Private – Are you trying to sell that testosterone pill (or fitness pill or self-help course)? Forget about ever finding a large buyer base through social media, which is notorious for its lack of privacy. Email marketing on the other hand allows you be private and intimate in the message that you are trying to convey. This privacy appeals to the psychology and ego of your buyers and lays down their guard against your salesmanship.

2. Email is Trust – Email is effectively direct response marketing. You are writing a letter to a single person (at least that’s what the buyer thinks). This gives you room to build trust and relationships. We all know that the key to effective selling is to tap into the emotions of your audience and strike a chord with their heart. Establishing trust through direct emailing is an excellent way to break the barrier and nudge your audience through the sales funnel.

3. Email is Scalable – When you are just starting out in your business, you are often encouraged to do things that are not scalable. Getting your hands dirty is the fastest way to pick up and learn new things. But what happens when your business grows? Doing up an email list allows you to reach thousands of potential customers within the click on a button. Another great thing about having an email list is the possibility of automation. You can pre-write your emails in a few days and load them into an Email Service Provider such as Aweber or Mailchimp. Simply schedule them to be sent out over a long period of time and you will be engaging your customers even when you are asleep. How awesome is that!

4. Email is Easy – Setting up a basic email list system does not require any knowledge in technology or coding. You simply need to sign up with the Email Service Provider and you’ll be guided through the entire process! It’s one of the fastest and more profitable way of reaching out to your target audience.

Hopefully, you have seen enough benefits to building your email list to want to get started right away. So snag those email addresses today!