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There are four types of people who benefit mostly from SEO training, and in this article I’ll explain who they are and why SEO training is vital for their function.

It seemed like only yesterday when “being online” was a choice for businesses – nowdays, it is a necessity.  Think about your own habits if you’re looking for a plumber, planning a holiday or anything in between.  Where do you do your research or find the phone number of your local tradesman?  Online!  And how many search engines can claim they are also a verb?  Google it!

Oh no! What have I done?

Oh no! What have I done?

And when I’m talking with people, I’ll often hear remarks that make me cringe, like –

  • My next door neighbour’s 15 year old loves computers, so he’s building our site
  • Our site went live and I found an awesome tool to submit it to 1000 search engines
  • We don’t need SEO because we rank at #1 for our business name

The fact is, you don’t know what you don’t know.  The structure of your website, how it’s built, is vital.  Incorrect linking, misuse of code, lack of keyword and competitor research – these and more, could have a paralysing effect on your success.

Submitting your site to 1000’s of “search engines” literally means you’re associating with link farms and spammy sites.  In fact, when we launch sites, we don’t submit anything anywhere!  And generally we’re indexed (listed) on Google within a few days.

As for being #1 for your business name – what’s the value?  Anyone who already knows your name is going to find you anyway.  It’s the potential customer who doesn’t know of your product or service that is the driving force of new business.

So with my rant over, here’s my list of those who will benefit from understanding the current techniques necessary for online success and sustainable growth.

The DIY website owner/manager

Are you the DIY type who loves to roll up your sleeves and get in amongst the necessary techniques which determine the difference between “just being online” and “online super-stardom”?  Gone are the days when you could build a solid website with a great SEO foundation and have potential customers flock to your pages.  Putting in the hard yards is necessary, but the rewards of online success can be extraordinary for your business.

The Manager

Do you have a team of copywriters, link builders and analysts to support?  Do you understand that your copywriter is also your link builder?  Or that your programmer’s decision to build a funky database driven site with variable URL parameters will impede the crawlability of search engines?  Or knowing how to link offline promotions with online conversion results to your boss – he will think you’re the best thing since sliced bread.

The Outsourcer

This is perhaps the most vital area where you “must know” the current techniques, and more importantly, the processes that are against search engine guidelines and could be the cause of your online demise.  It’s vital that you know the right questions to ask your outsourced SEO team, and be aware of the answers that should cause you to run in the opposite direction.  Being aware that a guaranteed ranking is completely out of anyone’s control, should send alarm bells ringing if offered.

Link building is an often outsourced portion of your Internet marketing plan, yet very few link builders understand the 80/20 rule, or even care.

The Career Change

With SEO services in high demand, there is excellent opportunity to build yourself a great reputation within the field and have a job that provides an admirable work/life balance.  Everyone I come in contact with who is in the Internet marketing industry loves their job – how many people can honestly say that they ‘love’ their job?  And the most remarkable thing about that is that you could be one of them- pretty cool, huh?

So what are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone and have a chat with one of our expert SEO trainers – we are located  internationally in the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, the UAE and Europe.  You’ll soon understand that we have a passion for helping you achieve online success!