A peek at even more changes on the horizon this year

Just when you thought you had seen everything you could expect to change in digital marketing this year – think again! We’ve got more changes coming your way that could make our lives easier, better, and more challenging, all at the same time.

This year, it’s all about mobile and expanding the ways in which your consumers can find you. Here are our four predictions about what’s in store for this year in digital marketing.

1. Apps will begin to show up more in search.

As the way apps are indexed becomes more complex, they will start to compete more and more with mobile-optimized sites. Don’t have an app? Don’t worry just yet, but keep an eye on this trend.

2. In-video advertising will grow significantly.

As in-video advertising has become more accepted by consumers, we predict that you will begin to see more ads pop up before your favorite cat videos or prior to your next Pandora song.

3. SEO is now a vital part to an integrated marketing strategy.

If you had any thoughts that SEO was dead, it definitely is not. Google is leading the game and as it becomes smarter, so do we as marketers. SEO provides an excellent template to how the rest of your marketing should be kept up (for example: becoming mobile friendly, as most of your customers will use that means to reach you. See: No. 4 on the list below).

4. Mobile will take over – even more than before.

With Google’s announcement that a mobile-only website without a desktop presence is totally acceptable, it’s a pretty safe bet that your desktop site may become much less important in the future. Of course, there are exceptions that depend upon your customer behavior.

If any of these predictions are making you think twice about your digital marketing and SEO strategy, we are here to help. We suggest starting with my guide to keeping up with Google’s latest updates.

Or even better – sign up for our next Digital Marketing and SEO Training and you’ll be able to get an even better view of where to take your online marketing strategy in 2016 and beyond.