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Social networking sites have increased in popularity and recognition in rapid proportions throughout the few years it’s been present on the Internet. From Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to any other social network site present, the trend continues on as millions of people continue to use such software on a day-to-day basis in their Internet marketing endeavours.

What Does Pinterest Bring to the Social Networking Trend?

Another social networking site that is gaining momentum today is Pinterest. Basically, Pinterest is a social photo sharing website that utilises a unique ‘pin board’ style platform designed for its members to create and facilitate theme-based photo collections.

This can range immensely from special occasions to hobbies and interests and so on. Pinterest is a social sharing site that enables users to browse at other user’s pin boards. It lets you manage and share all the things you find interesting, sourced from the Internet itself. Pinterest gives you the option to upload your own pictures, repin photo’s on Pinterest community boards or ‘pin’ images or videos directly from the Internet.

Users typically utilise pin boards to devise plans for events like weddings and birthdays, decorate their households or create an archive of their favourite recipes or DIY projects.

You can think of Pinterest as your own virtual bulletin board for all your online based interests. All you have to do is create a profile with multiple customised boards that are then opened for pins or links to posts on different boards. For example, you may have a board entitled ‘Home Decorations’ and as you search the Internet, you can add relevant links of interest to this virtual board for future reference.

Advantages of Pinterest as an Internet Marketing Tool

  • It is new and gaining popularity each day-
    The publicity of Pinterest is expanding overtime with more and more members flooding the network and using the features and services it offers. Pretty soon, it could be as huge as other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, yet with a twist of something fresh brought to the table.
  • It gives your business more personality and offers potential clients a visual account of your business –
    What better way to show your businesses personality than through a series of pictures? Not only can you give Pinterest users a visual account of your business, but you can also let your personality shine through in your interactions with other Pinterest members.
  • It easily links in with your other Internet marketing platforms including your business’s website, blog, Facebook and Twitter account –
    Pinterest offers you many options to share ‘pins’, including facebook, twitter, email or code to embed images into your blog. No muss, no fuss.
  • Cost effective-
    Pinterest doesn’t incur a fee to register or use. All that you need to spend is your time.
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