Hello, SEO people! I hope all is well with you today. Let’s ask and answer another question Search Engine Academy hears a lot – “Nancy, what can SEO do for you – or me?”

Glad you asked. Given that SEO seems very illusory or ethereal, it’s a fair question. Once you’ve busted your hind parts (and or your budget) getting a site designed, tested and uploaded, the real work is just starting. SEO is like an endless Pez dispenser – it needs to keep on giving out what’s in the container. My cats view me as a giant snackie noms Pez dispenser of Friskies treats. It’s every day, multiple times per day.

So…what can SEO do for you?

  • It can tell you what your target audience is searching for – by doing keyword research and using lateral thinking skills to find trends
  • It can increase your site’s visibility – this is not a case of “build it and they will come.” Sorry; that might have worked back in 1995. Now, you have to use every process, tactic, strategy and procedure that is recognized by the search engines to show up high in search results.
  • It can change your business – when you apply SEO to your site, given enough time, your business will get more leads with the increased visibility your site has. Plus, if you do pay per click (PPC), you can convert prospects to buyers that much faster.
  • It can expose your site to markets you may not otherwise have tapped into – if you write and carefully publish articles, blog regularly, and do some press releases, the distribution of this content can further than if you just do organic SEO to your site and measure rankings, waiting for more traffic to come to your pages.
  • It can put your site up in rankings over your competition – if you do a SEO competitive analysis on your competition’s sites, you can discover what they may not be doing for website optimization. This is your opportunity to apply what they haven’t, and get higher ranked.
  • It can show you how well your site is performing – by monitoring and analyzing your website statistics, you can see which parts of your site work, vs. those that don’t. This allows you to prioritize your time addressing web page weaknesses, fixing them, getting them indexed, then measuring the results.
  • It can help you keep up with the latest Google changes – by doing SEO, you are going to monitor what Google is pushing for ranking changes and algorithm updates. You’ll know what Google has implemented, and by understanding what they’ve done, you can either adjust your site’s optimization, or stand pat, knowing you’ve done everything you can to meet the recommended practices and guidelines in webmaster tools.
  • It can help you get better links into your site – by doing SEO for your site and keeping pace with Google’s changes, you can create and implement a linking strategy that’s sane, useful and boosts your page rankings just a little bit more.

But now that we’ve talked about eight things SEO can do for you, let’s talk about what it can’t or won’t do:

SEO won’t always keep your pages at #1 for always and eternity – sorry, but since SEO is dynamic, and honestly, #1 rankings are something of an illusion, your pages won’t always be in the top three positions every single day. There are lots of reasons why – your competition finally does more SEO than you, the latest ranking signal or algorithm change knocked your site down a little, you haven’t re-optimized in ages, and so and so forth.

In addition, if you aren’t doing social media efforts like Google Plus, if you haven’t maintained your business listings or blogged in forever, your site just won’t stay up in the top.

So there you have it…asked and I hope answered – what can SEO do for you?

Until next time, keep it between the ditches!

All the very best,