Hello, SEO heroes! How’s it hanging? When I teach for Search Engine Academy, I get asked what SEO software tools work the best. Well, there’s a lot of them that work damn good; the one thing they truly seem to have in common is that there’s still no one complete, total suite of tools that does everything in one dashboard. I still bounce back and forth between a few to analyze websites.

SEO Software ToolsThat being said, this is not a review, nor is it a rundown of what’s out there. I want to talk a little bit about the different SEO functions you do that require tools. Honestly, pretty much everything you do in SEO has a tool that helps you be a little smarter, a little faster and possibly automates some stuff for you.

SEO Website Audits

I don’t know how in the hell you’d do a website audit for SEO, unless it only has five pages. There are a lot of tools to do an SEO audit in the background for you. They’ll check for duplicate/missing/too long/too short meta title and description tags. They can analyze an entire page and give you a SEO score to let you know if the page is pretty well optimized, or still needs some work.

Keyword Research

Just plug that term above into Google, and see what bubbles up. There are more tools than I don’t know what. Anyways, you want a keyword research tool that fits your needs. If you’re doing pay per click (PPC), use a tool that specializes in keyword data results for PPC. Always know where the keyword tool is getting it’s data from. If you only care about ranking in Google, be sure you use a tool that pulls data from them.

Link Building/Link Analysis

In this crazy post-Google Penguin world we operate in, you can’t go without doing a link analysis every so often. You need to continue to build links slowly and smartly, but you also need tools to see who’s linking to you, what anchor text is being used, and how many domains link to your site.

Keyword Rankings In The Search Engines

I almost hate to bring this up, because for most web owners out there, ranking on page one of Google for their chosen, targeted keywords is still the Holy Grail, but with personalization of search, this is becoming an alternate reality. Yes, you can’t be buried on page 34 and get visitors, I get all that.

Anyways, checking how your keywords rank just a benchmark is still good to do on a regular basis. Just don’t get wedded to any one ranking from one week to the next, umkay?

Competitive Intelligence Analysis

If you’re going to spy on your competition, you absolutely cannot do it accurately without tools. See above. You can discover their on-page SEO efforts, their inbound backlink analysis, and yes, what keywords they rank for, and how high.

I hope this quick and dirty primer helps. There’s so many tools to use. Download or sign up for free demos and trials. Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for you and your SEO efforts, umkay?

Until we meet again, keep it between the ditches!

All the best to you,