Good day, my SEO heroes! I hope all is well. At Search Engine Academy, we teach basic and advanced keyword research. One thing I hear time and time again is that the good keyword phrases are too competitive. If you mean the one and two word phrases, well yes, that’s usually spot on, since the internet is all grown up now and people are using keywords constantly.

But fear not, because there are still millions, nay, elebenty billion keywords out there, as our LOLcat friends would say. So how can you find them?

Pretty simple. Light off your favorite keyword research tool and type in the word “what.” This is what we call a “root” or “base” keyword. What we are searching for is what people want to know, need to know, and if your business vertical can provide that information for them that will lead to those searchers buying from you instead of your competition, because YOU took the time to answer them!

Take a look at these, for example:

The first number refers to the approximate number of searches in last full calendar month. The second number is the number of pages that have that phrase in the anchor text and title tag. As you can see, the search numbers are pretty decent and the number of competing web pages is nothing – I mean NOTHING – to overcome with robust SEO applied.

Or how about these:

I don’t know about you, but a site that specializes in deciphering acronyms could get a pretty good start with these, don’t you think?

And finally, there are these phrases:

I’m going to do some more posts around this whole theme of root keywords to figure out searcher behavior and query trends. I recently did a post on what I found when I typed in “how” – check it out!

Until next time…keep it between the ditches, alright?

All the best to you,