Back in September I wrote a popular blog post about how Ubersuggest is a great free Google keyword research tool

In the meantime, Ubersuggest has totally re-worked the tool – and it’s still free! But how does it stack up against the ever-popular Google AdWords Keyword Tool? Let’s take a look.

Google Keyword Tool – Extended info – but limitations

Sure you get great info from the Google Keyword Planner tool – but it is firmly focused on paid search. To use an example from a recent Moz webinar I watched – I put “evil mustache” into the tool.Google Keyword Planner, a Google keyword tool, showing results for April 2016

The results are interesting – giving me ideas of some alternatives related keywords. But the first few results seem to be talking about pink mustaches – not exactly what I was looking for…

It is good to know what the recommended cost per click and competition is for certain keywords, but I feel like something is missing. And what if I don’t want to go pay for an expensive tool?

Ubersuggest – What’s New

Next,  I went over to and entered the same term “evil mustache”. What I like about these results is they are much more related to my topic. The big plus of the Ubersuggest tool is it is pulling from the search engine’s real-time suggestion data to give you expanded ideas.

The updated Ubersuggest, another Google keyword tool, showing results for April 2016
Ubersuggest also takes it a step further – check this out!

Ubersuggest related keywords feature

Icon for the Ubersuggest free keyword research toolNow you can click the expand icon and learn even more about individual keywords.

  • Search for them in Google
  • Look at Google Trends
  • Expand on that keyword within Ubersuggest

And if you look closely you can also generate a word cloud with your selected keyword (Think free stock photo for a blog post!).

So Which Google Keyword Tool Wins?

Since they are both free, I highly recommend using both Ubersuggest and the Google Keyword Planner tool. You’ll get different sets of data that can help you with your keyword research.

As we discuss in the Search Engine Academy digital marketing training workshops, keyword research has a huge creative component. By using both free Google keyword tools, you can give your mind further ideas to create great content that will connect with your target audience.

Plus, if you are looking to quickly find keywords NOT available in Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest does a great job.

Since we know most SEOers are using Keyword Planner, why not have an extra tool at our disposal to dig deeper? Give the new Ubersuggest tool a try today at

Update: For reviews and links to a whole range of top SEO tools, check out this post by Barry Byers.