Search Engine Academy is big on showing folks how it can be easier to rank better for long tail keywords. There are some free long tail keyword research tools out there, but one in particular is fun to use, and it actually shows some good phrases to investigate further, hoorah! The other added bonus to this post is how you can use this tool to get great ideas for content. Once you find this tool, there’s no excuse for not being able to write interesting, unique, useful articles for your target audience.

What Sets This Longtail Keywords Tool Apart?

The tool I’d like to talk about today is Ubersuggest. It combines Google Suggest* Bing and other keyword suggestion tools to give you a lot of long tail keyword research to play with. Best of all, it’s free – the best word in the English language!

Navigate your bad self on over to this site. Plug in a word or suggestion, do the Captcha code thing, and see what pops up!

For example, suppose you just want to see what’s trending in semantic searches. Type in “how to” and see what bubbles up. Let’s take a look…

Ubersuggest long tail research keyword research listI see about 378 suggestions. Click on any of them, and you’ll see even more, deeper long tail keyword phrases. I picked “how to add fractions” and for fun – and to get more granular detail – I plugged in the phrase “how to” into Word Tracker. I use the U.S. Google database.

Here’s what I see for the phrase in Word Tracker:

Ubersuggest data for the phrase "how to add fractions"

The first and third columns are what I key in on. The 18100 represents the number of searches done in the last full calendar month, and the 675 represents the number of pages that have this phrase in the anchor text and title. Those are damn good numbers. If I had a math website, I’d be all over this phrase.

Further research into another, related phrase yields these possibilities for blog posts:

Ubersuggest long tail suggestion list, example 1

Hell, some of these would make great videos, webinars or podcasts! See where I’m going with this?

OK, one more math example from Ubersuggest, since we’re on a numbers theme here:

Ubersuggest long tail suggestion list, example 2

I hope this little post has given you some hope for finding topics to write about. Why not grab a bunch of phrases that you think you can use, run them through your favorite keyword research tool to find some search and competition numbers, then plan your editorial calendar? You’ll be glad you did!

If you’re already using Ubersuggest and are wondering how it stacks up to other keyword research tools, such as Google AdWords, check out our article comparing the two.

*As of August, 2015 – Google has closed their keyword suggestion API to outside developers! But Ubersuggest is still the bomb – check out more details in this post. We are re-publishing this blog post to keep everyone informed of the latest news.