Hello, my fellow webmaster heroes! People are often stuck on topics to write about for their web pages. Students who learn SEO from Search Engine Academy Washington DC get a lot of good ideas, and I thought I’d share a couple of them here.

If you can do some keyword research, you’ll almost always find long-tail keywords that lend themselves to making great blog posts, articles, white papers or case studies.

How do you do this? Let’s explore, shall we? Umkay!

There are a lot of keyword research tools. I’m not going to cover those tools; I want to help you figure out what to write about quickly and easily.

Suppose you run a flight training school. Some topics you could write about are usually the most frequently asked questions about the process and cost. Let’s plug in the term “flight training” into a couple tools and see what bubbles up that we could use.

Using Google Trends, here are a few terms that are very popular:

topics to write about - search engine academy

search engine academy blog post - topics to write about

Or, suppose you had a website where you offer writing services – here are some great topics to create web pages, blog posts and articles that have a fairly high search volume and a low number of competing web pages:

  • how to write a speech outline
  • how to write a simple resume
  • how to write a google review
  • how to write a good summary
  • how to write an analysis paper
  • how to write a works cited page
  • how to write a reference page
  • how to write a position paper

Wow! Eight topics to create content from! Even better, these long tail keyword phrases really satisfy Google’s updated Hummingbird algorithm, so these pages already have a better chance to rank higher in search engine results pages.

In previous posts, I’ve talked about doing keyword research using the root words “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “why,” “how,” etc. I guarantee if you use a keyword research tool, you’ll find dozens of topics to write about that will establish you as an expert in your business vertical, hobby or specialty. Here are some other root words you can use to find topics of interest:

  • Repair
  • Analyze
  • Exercise
  • Roof
  • Car

When you get several long tail keywords, think about what you want to write to flesh out the basic idea. Write down the points you want to make in a list or outline. Do you need to do research and get facts or sources? Find those and reference them.

Find some interesting images (get permission to use them, please!) that will illustrate the point your content wants to make.

Now, use your SEO skills to optimize the meta data, web page/post/article elements and create text links that point to other interesting pages or content for your target reader.

Other places you can find content to write about include news sites, chat forums, question and answer web sites, questions from customers and issues your sales force constantly addresses. You can also set up Google Alerts with keywords to get trends and hot news that’s happening that you could comment on in an article or post.

That’s it for today, my fellow writers! As always, keep it between the ditches and be safe!

All the best,