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Trellian Keyword Discovery is a feature-loaded keyword research resource. You likely have already realized that manually looking for the best keywords can be a rather tedious task. That’s why there are tools out there to help you save hundreds of hours of time doing effective and systematic keyword research.

If you are seriously looking for help to optimize your site on the search engines then you should look at the Trellian Keyword Discovery tool. It is a paid subscription keyword tool that offers quite a bit of data that will help with search engine optimization.

Much of the information they give you far outdistances the competition. They give you information on, not only, alternatives to the keyword you start with and the calculations on how much the keyword or keyword phrase gets searched for, this tool also will estimate for you how many other sites are using this exact keyword or keyword phrase and how many times the keyword or keyword phrase is searched for on a daily basis.

Ok, fine, but how do they justify the cost if this is all they do?

The short answer is, this is not all they do.

Another cool feature of Trellian Keyword Discovery is for SEO practioners, who like to optimize pages in various different languages. Many keyword tools, as good as some are tend to be strictly limited only to English. But not Keyword Discovery by Trellion.

Using their tool, you can do keyword research using data in  English, Australian, Canadian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and data from the United Kingdom.

Other cool features that tip the advantages your way:

What sets this keyword tool apart from the rest of the pack is the fact that they offer the subscriber the option of studying keyword trends and market shares of all the search engines at once by creating charts. You can see what is going on with all the search engines at a glance by looking at the charts.

Trending is important because it gives companies good information on when to offer up new products,

spend more on advertising and search spending, and up the original content their sites. Timed right this can mean a huge increase in sales and their bottom line.

Being able to see the market share data in chart form is another option offered by this keyword tool. You can click on the market share icon next to the each item of data and the charts for each keyword or keyword phrase will pop up so you can see how much the keyword or keyword phrase is being searched for among the leading search engines.

This is a great way to help calculate where to put your money for your pay-per-click campaigns too. More of your budget should go to the bigger search engines that get the most searches every month.

Makes sense, right?

If more people are searching these keywords and keyword phrases on the bigger search engines that is where you want a lot of visibility so you get the conversions and make lots of money.

So, if you want to figure out just exactly what it is that people are searching for these days, which keywords are the best for your traffic generation, and those keywords you should be targeting to get the most sales you should definitely get this tool as soon as you can.

If this looks good to you the Trellian Keyword Discovery tool will let you try the free trial version so you can see how beneficial it can be to you getting the most return for your investment by customizing your search engine marketing options.

Give Trellion Keyword Discovery a Free Test Drive.