The Wonderful World of Google Plus and Social Media

After a wonderful vacation, it’s back to reality and I’m finally getting caught up on blog posts.  Before I left, I had the most amazing experience on Google+.  I was somewhat of a late adopter when it comes to social media marketing and social networking.  My previous position in Corporate America didn’t necessitate learning how to use Facebook or Twitter for business (although it should have) and Google+ wasn’t even on my radar.

I jumped in feet first about six months ago and boy am I glad I did.  I’ve met people and made connections that I would have never dreamed of in a traditional networking model.  A connection I made on Twitter, led me to a Google+ Community called Open Social Media Initiative, #opensm.  Sherry Nouraini has a vision, and it’s to share information about social media in an open format and to provide open, accessible, and free education to help others succeed.

On Friday’s Sherry hosts a Hangout On Air for the #opensm community and anyone else who wants to join in; it’s a great way to stay on top of what’s happening in the word of social media and to meet great people from all over the world.  The topics vary from week to week, and often include an interview or presentation from a subject matter expert on topics such as Google Plus.  I had the awesome opportunity to be a guest presenter and we offered a three part workshop series on SEO: How Search Engines Find Your ContentHow to Create Content Search Engines can Find, and The Dance Between Search and Social.

A few Friday’s ago she switched it up, and instead of a presentation, Sherry held open office hours and invited people from the business community to share their social media challenges and get input and advice from the panel.  We had a very interesting discussion about how to apply social media in the aerospace metal and specialty steel distribution industry.

It boggles my mind to think that I was sitting in my living room sharing SEO tips with people in Illinois, California, and Washington.  We had coverage from both coasts and the Midwest.

Shortly after the Hangout, I checked my email for the Pennsylvania Search Engine Academy and was excited when I saw a new message.  It was “delivered with high importance” which always makes me smile because it means that it’s an inquiry about an upcoming search engine marketing workshop or onsite training.

The message wasn’t about a workshop but may be even better in the long run.

“We are watching you (now) on the opensm hangout. We would really like to interview you, on the topic of SEO, for Social Web Cafe Interviews ( Deborah has mentioned that she would like to discuss the crossover between SEO and social media and give you a platform to advertise yourself and services.”

Thirty minutes later a connection was made and my interview was scheduled. I’ve since had the pre-production interview and learned some new tricks to making my videos more effective.  Next up the actual interview.

I can’t wait to write the next installment.

Until next time.


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