As we are growing up and being educated in school, we are taught some of the important aspects of writing like subject and predicates, Nouns, verbs and the basics of sentence structure.

However, we are never really taught how to write dialog in a way that reads well, when spoken. This is what I like to refer to as “broadcasters copy” or something that is written for voice (or meant to be spoken.)

This style of writing is most effective for when you are writing a sales promotion. You want to write it nearly as though you were speaking to a close friend. Professional broadcasters often learn to write their own copy so that it sounds like it is being delivered from them, to you and in person.

We’ve talked about the importance of adding emotional impact to our headlines. We have also talked about trying
to structure your content using key points as bullets in the creative stages and then filling in the gaps to add
all the depth and detail.

Here are a few more tips you can use when fleshing out your content in full detail:

Put the same effort you gave to writing your headline into also writing your sub headings. Your sub-headings can be the perfect spot to accent your benefits and keep the reader inspired to read on.

Another excellent place for the benefits list is within bullet points in the finished article. There is something about bullet points that really appeals the human brain.

roadtosuccessMany new writers, will often not include enough benefits in their bulleted list. How many should you include?  You want to include as many as possible.

Try writing your content as though it has a “story line.”

Think about what makes a good story line within a favorite movie you enjoy or even a TV series. Many movies will use a plot that involves a challenge and how that challenge negatively affects the story. Then there is the point in the movie where that challenge is overcome or defeated (often through the help of a hero.) People have been telling stories for hundreds of years as an effective way to communicate a happy ending.

Also think about how the story might give the reader some enjoyment along the way. If you are plotting your story and having trouble writing from the beginning to the conclusion, as a creative edge try performing the plot backwards, writing from the conclusion backward to the beginning.

I always caution writers to be careful if attempting to write humor. Good humor can be challenging to write and you never want to write something that could be taken accidently the wrong way.

Remember that it does not always take an experienced copywriter to create a winning sales letter. In fact much of your winning formula may come from the fact that you are communicating sincerely from the heart.  Your readers can often detect that element of passion when you write from the heart.

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