I love WordPress!  It’s not only a great blogging tool, but doubles as a fantastic platform for most of our web development projects.  Why?  Ease of learning and use for our clients puts WordPress at the top of our list for website platforms.  And with the huge community backing that WordPress has, great Plugins for nearly every process are on hand and easily adapted into any site.

In no particular order, here’s a handful of my favourite plugins…….

WP-DB Backup

Backup your core files.  Backups are essential and will save not only hours of frustration, but also considerable time (and money), should something catastrophic happen to your site.  How often should you backup your data?  I would ask how much data can you afford to lose?  One days, one weeks, one months……  If you can’t afford to lose a weeks worth of content, then run a backup twice weekly as a minimum.


Clean up your WordPress database and optimise it without having to use phpMyAdmin.  WP-Optimize will –

  • remove post revisions
  • remove auto draft posts
  • remove all comments that are in the spam queue
  • apply mysql optimize commands to your database tables
  • display database table stats

redirection pluginRedirection

A handy tool to track and fix your 404 errors.  Especially useful if you have migrated your site into WordPress.

Broken Link Checker

A great blogging tool to monitor and report broken links.  The plugin will detect broken links, missing images and redirects.

Gravity Forms

This one is a premium plugin, but with it’s ease of use, worth the cost.  Easily create forms within minutes, with zero coding skills required.  From simple contact forms to multi-page conditional logic forms, it’s easy with Gravity Forms.

WP Maintenance Mode

Every now and again, there are processes we do on our blogging sites that are best performed and confirmed without being under the watchful eyes of our loyal followers.  WP Maintenance Mode will let your visitors see a notification screen with countdown timer advising that your site is temporarily unavailable, whilst giving admins full access to the entire site.

Login Lock

Customisable security allows you to –

  • enforce password policies
  • block IP’s after selected number of failed logins
  • log out idle users

Wordpress SEO By YoastWordPress SEO by Yoast

My favourite SEO plugin.  Improve your content quality on the fly.  Plugin benefits include –

  • SEO focused content for improved search engine results
  • Page Analysis ensures you remember the “little things” like alt tags and meta descriptions, two important on-page factors
  • XML Sitemap function is styled for ease of human reading, at a glance you can confirm if any data should be removed
  • RSS Optimization will automatically create links back to your original content
Want to learn why XML sitemaps are your best friend?  Or the implications of an incorrectly redirected URL?  Search Engine Academy are global providers of hands-on SEO training workshops. Learn these techniques and more. Also, if you’re looking for even more plugins, RankMath is a powerful SEO plugin that boasts an incredible number of features for its small footprint. Read more here.