Stay Current With SEO Training or Risk Becoming Hopelessly Out of Touch

Stop and answer this simple question: Do you have an interest in how Google’s changes affect your website’s success?

If your answer is “no,” don’t bother with the rest of this post.  If your answer is “yes,” well, you have a challenging task ahead of you.  Especially if you do it on your own!

Here’s a pop quiz to see how well you’re doing on staying current.  How much do you know about the following search topics?  (Don’t worry, we won’t grade your answers.)

  • Mobilegeddon
  • RankBrain
  • Panda 4.2
  • Phantom 3
  • Quality Guidelines Update
  • Snack Pack
  • Doorway Page Update
  • The Right Hand Rail Update

All of the above topics are familiar if you spent those many long winter nights studying Google updates, which is what we do at the Search Engine Academy, but most are meaningless to business owners, marketing people, website developers, and corporate boardrooms (who usually have more interesting winter evenings than SEO geeks like us).

The folks at Search Engine Land do a great job of blogging about Google’s constant changes and the impact those changes have on business websites.  Since the beginning of 2015 I’ve counted the number of blog articles related to “Algorithm Updates.”  It’s over 50.  Let’s face it, no one has the time to stay current on that by themselves, including me – and I’m a professional SEO trainer!

An investment in staying current will take one of two forms for your organization: endless browsing and reading, hoping serendipitously to discover what you most need to know (add up the hours, multiply by the value of your time, and reduce the product by some coefficient of confusion), or invest in a regular program of training with professionals, such as the Search Engine Academy.

At the Search Engine Academy we are a group of (currently) 10 Digital Marketing professionals, and we are constantly covering each other’s backs on the blizzard of changes in search.

So what does that mean for you, and why am I talking about it here?

Formalized SEO Training is Your Most Efficient Means of Staying Current

At the Search Engine Academy we constantly are updating our teaching materials, especially for our flagship 5-day SEO workshop.  Our education committee meets weekly, and all of us trainers are constantly working with clients and students, seeing how Google’s announced and unannounced changes play out in real situations.

That’s why we make it easy for students to keep their training fresh.  If you take one of our workshops we’ll let you come back and retake it for 50% off for the first year after you complete your training.  For the next 2 years after that we will let you take the training for 25% off.

So, this this year “spring ahead” with SEO Training, or you are doomed to “fall behind” the speeding bullet train of Google changes.

Here’s a quick list of available dates for the remainder of this Spring:

image to illustrate seo training opportunities

Wow! That’s a lot of SEO training opportunities!

Las Vegas, week of April 18th (Currently offering a 25% discount, use coupon code SEA25)

Copenhagen (Denmark), week of April 25th

Helsinki (Finland), week of May 2nd

Krakow (Poland), week of May 9th

Los Angeles (Newport Beach), week of May 16th

San Francisco (Dublin CA), week of May 16th

Dubrovnik (Croatia), week of May 16th

Dallas, week of May 23rd

Denver, week of May 23rd

Frankfurt (Germany), week of May 23rd

Montreal, week of June 7th

Los Angeles (Newport Beach), week of June 13th

Dallas, week of June 20th

Note: We’ve trained the staff of some of the largest names in digital marketing, and the Search Engine Academy can speak to your company about a regular program of in-house corporate training as well.  Just submit a quote request and we can have a discussion.