Google Analytics is the most common tool available to measure your website’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI), something we always urge our workshop students to pay close attention to.

No wonder.  GA is free, powerful, and, at a basic level, easy to use.  As a result, GA has become ubiquitous.  Just about every website on planet earth has it installed.

Just one problem.  Spammers have noticed.  With millions of installations of Google Analytics out there, they know that millions of users are staring at its various reports and dashboards.  So spammers have found a number of ways to inject bogus information in your Analytics.  In essence, like some digital graffiti artist, they have vandalized your data.  Why?  Well, in the hope that they will entice you to visit one of their sites as you try to figure out the mess they’ve made in your data.  It’s as if they took a spray paint can and, not content to merely spray meaningless words on the wall of your business, they wrote their website address all over your wall and asked you to visit and buy something!

We’ve produced 2 free webinars to help you fight this problem and slam the door shut on this harmful garbage.  We also show you how to clean up the garbage they’ve already dumped on you.

These webinars are designed to be understood by novice webmasters and even non-technical marketers and business owners.  But we think even experienced users of Analytics will find something new and beneficial.

Here are links to view the recorded webinars:

Part I – Google Analytics Spam and What to Do About It

Part II – Google Analytics Spam and What to Do About It

If your data is important to you, take a look at this important free training.