Hello, SEO heroes and warriors! I am taking a break from doing SEO training for Search Engine Academy this week and am being lazy and sleeping in from lovely Provincetown, Massachusetts, yay!

That being said, I begged asked my good friend, Juli Monroe of 1 To 1 Discovery to tell us a little bit about social media and business life cycle stages. Juli is a social media coach/consultant in Northern Virginia. She totally knows that social media supports SEO and SEO supports social media. Anyways, she very nicely contributed not one, but TWO articles for Search Engine Academy this week! Without further ado, take it away Juli Monroe!

Social Media and Business Life Cycle

Did you know that your social media needs will change throughout the life cycle of your business? Think about it. The various social media channels have different audiences and different purposes. So I think it makes sense that your needs would change depending on your business and its stage.

Let’s take a few examples. Facebook is an excellent tool for keeping loyal customers coming back to you. It’s also good for generating referrals. It’s not as good for reaching out to a new audience. Therefore, Facebook doesn’t seem like the best tool for a new business that doesn’t yet have an established client base. However, for a mature business, it can be excellent.

Twitter is good for reaching out to a new audience, which makes it potentially better for a new business than Facebook. However, it takes time to build a following, so again, it might not be the best place to put your time. However, are you getting ready to launch a new product or service line in an established business? Twitter might be a great tool for promoting it.

What about LinkedIn? It’s great for making new contacts, finding strategic partners and using Groups to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Sounds to me like it could be useful at any stage of business.

See how it works? You can look at the audience and nature of a social media channel and decide what it’s most useful for. Then you can look at your stage of business and your needs and map those needs to a channel. Which means that as channels change, and your business needs change, you’re ready with the knowledge to change with them.

Kind of cool? Anyone want to share how social media tools are affecting you in your unique business life cycle?

Thank you again, Juli. Please let us know how social media is doing is for your business, umkay? It’s never too early in your business and/or website development to think about which social media platforms will help you build relationships and establish your credibility with your target audience. And as always, keep it between the ditches and be well!