Hello SEO comrades! No, I am not at SMX, alas…I don’t think any of my teaching associates with Search Engine Academy are there either, but be that as it may, here is some Google SEO news we can all use from Danny’s Sullivan’s interview with Matt Cutts, the Chief Anti-Spam Engineer at good old Google.

Be on the lookout for these, and monitor your webmaster tools and analytics accordingly!

  • Spam Queries – Google “Payday Loan” Algorithm: Hey, do you own sites that offer payday loans or some great porno content? If so, beware! Google’s pushed out a new ranking update to hit those very sites, because they typically put the “spam” into spammy! This will be a world-wide rollout, happy penalties and banned websites to you!
  • Monthly Google Panda rollouts: well, Google is taking pity – sort of – on you by now gently rolling out Panda over several days during each calendar month, not just a one day nuclear bombing. Cool! Apparently, 10 days out of 30 will feature Panda trolling through the internets. Barry Schwartz has named it the “Panda Dance,” which is probably very appropo.
  • Google Webmaster Notifications Featuring Example URLs: Google’s so sweet. Now you’ll get example URLs of problem areas for your site. That’s actually pretty kind, especially if you have thousands of URLs. This will includes any penalties Google may have levied on your site.
  • Mobile Site Page Speed Load Times: We knew it would get to this, didn’t we? Remember way back in 2010, Google started measuring the speed at which a page loads, and using that information as part of their ranking factors. It’s coming soon, and mobile site pages could start ranking higher than desktop-version pages if they’re quicker.
  • Structured Data Dashboard In Google Webmaster Tools: I really love what Google is doing with structured data, but more to the point, I am happy that they are offering tools for us dummies who can’t code to make it fool-proof. You can request to be a tester, but this tool will show you errors in your schema, rich snippets and structured data.

Here’s the transcript of Danny and Matt’s discussion.

Be well, take care and keep it between the ditches!

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