Periscope has become an almost instant hit and can provide a great opportunity for you to engage with your customers or clients.

Live video streaming means you can let people know what you are doing in real-time, and their live comments allow you to receive feedback instantaneously too!

Below are 4 simple Periscope uses you can harness for live streaming and benefit your business and your customers.

Give live customer support

If you find a similar issue keeps arising amongst your customer base, you could stream your support live. Not only does this make the way you offer customer support more personal (as they will be able to put a face to it), but it also means you can respond to the same query from many people at once- And answer any
additional related questions they have in real time.

Q & A Sessions

Similar to a Reddit AMA, the ability to have a live Q & A session could really help put your brand in the forefront of people’s minds (if the Q & A goes well of course!) and helps customers feel engaged with a company on every level. From the sales team to baristas to physios to computer technicians, any professional at any level is able to talk about what they do- Your customers may be more interested than you think!

Live Product Demonstrations

If you have a new product that you just can’t wait to share, then don’t! Streaming a product demonstration is an excellent way of showing off your product to the masses. Gone are the days where you need to show this to a relevant convention, now you can show it to millions through harnessing the power of the internet. This is particularly great if you have a pre-existing prototype, as you can get all kinds of feedback from customers before finalizing its development.

Live Tours

If you work in or run a hotel, restaurant, music venue, sports arena or anywhere else where you might like to show people around, why not take people on a guided tour, and entice them in with a behind the scenes look of their potential destination.

Harnessing the power of live-streaming, whilst not fundamental to a successful business, does present you with a fantastic opportunity to highlight your organisation’s strengths and build on your relationship with existing customers and even gain new ones.

Will you embrace the power of live?