Our Search Engine Academy SEO workshops are going to be reflecting as much change next year as the world of search did this year.

2012 is almost wrapped up and put away, and once again it’s been a year of dramatic change in the world of search. Google’s “Penguin” algorithm update has joined their “Panda” filter. These two earthshaking Google initiatives have received so much attention that even people who are not search specialists have heard about them (which is unusual in search engine optimization).

But Penguin and Panda were only part of the story.  With the growing emphasis on social signals, personalization of search,  mobile search and countless other shifts in the Internet landscape, at the Search Engine Academy we became convinced that our materials needed a thorough review and update.

During the period September – November the Search Engine Academy educational committee members set aside workshops and consulting work to going through every day of our 5-day Advanced SEO workshop – almost 1000 PowerPoint slides – so that our students can be confident that the information they’re receiving at the Search Engine Academy is both the latest in SEO, and also that every piece of material we teach is peer reviewed.

Due to this extensive overhaul and review, new material on SEO processes and strategies for link building, content writing and incorporating microdata has been added to the classes. In addition, we still offer keyword research, social media, blogging, pay per click SEO and more.

If you’ve been contemplating attending one of our workshops, or if you’ve gone in the past and are wondering if a review is in order, now is a perfect time to sign up. You’ll be at the forefront of industry knowledge, and we’re eager to give you the best advice as to how to apply it.

Check out our schedule of classes today and see which workshop works for you https://www.searchengineacademy.com/dates