We all know the problem with digital marketing, search engine optimization, and the 1001 sub fields associated with promoting a business website online:

Just when you think your knowledge is up to date, Google, Facebook, or whoever changes the rules and Bam! You’re off the back again.

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I know that when I want to learn something new, the challenge isn’t simply finding a tutorial or a YouTube video or a blog post. There’s thousands of them for just about everything I want to learn. The challenge is knowing which explanations are up to date, which are accurate, who’s a trusted source. When I’m doing research for a new tutorial that I am creating for Search Engine Academy students, I never rely on instructional materials I come across without trying the recommendations out for myself. Often I find something has changed.

It’s also frustrating for us as we try to give our students the latest information. We will conduct live workshops, and we update the materials all the time, but if you’re not taking a workshop over and over again, you don’t have the most recent information.

Let’s face it…

Things move too damn fast!

We see this problem all around us. We experience it ourselves. and we decided to do something about it.

Our solution? Training-as-a-Service, or TaaS.

We found our inspiration in the world of software and application development. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) was designed to allow software users access to the latest and greatest version of the software more frequently, every time they logged in to the program.

We see no reason not to apply the same model to Training. Here’s how it works:

Subscription-Based SEO Training

With Subscription-Based Training (SBT – Don’t you just adore acronyms?), you don’t “buy a course.” You subscribe to a training. For the same price as you would pay for a quality workshop, whether live or online, you get the workshop, all the recorded content, any bonus materials…

PLUS you get access to the training platform and all the updates to those materials for a full year!

Take for example our just-released Google My Business, A to Z course. It’s a comprehensive look at all the latest in terms of features, benefits, and techniques for supercharging your GMB listing. It consists of 37 modules, and 5 hours of training. But just within the last two weeks, Google announced a major change to GMB that’s going to dramatic affect what we taught our students in one of our modules.

Never fear, we are working on an update that will roll out soon. For subscribers to our GMB course, the update will roll out and they will get a notification that something major has changed.

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No, You Don’t Have to Take the Course all Over Again

We design the courses for our Training-as-a-Service model as a series of lessons that are 5-20 minutes long. When something changes, we let you know which module has changed and you just review that module, or lesson.

What could be fresher? What could be more respectful of your time?

You Won’t Find Every Conceivable Type of Digital Marketing Training Here!

Since subscription-based training is based on a commitment we make to you to update our materials, you wind find as many topics on our platform as you will on YouTube, or even on other training sites. That’s by design. We can’t keep everything up to date all the time, and we shouldn’t pretend to you that we can.

However, we have ambitious plans and are putting in place relationships with a wide variety of seasoned professionals to expand our platform as rapidly as possible.

Does the Combination of TaaS and SBT sound good to you?

(Ok, if you missed the acronyms we’re talking about Training as a Service and Subscription-based Training.)

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