An SEO Mentor Can Make the Difference

I remember the challenge I faced when learning how to program back in my early pre-internet technology days. I decided to teach myself how to code to write programs to run our family business. I didn’t know enough to know how crazy that was.

At that time we had these things called “books.” I obtained a whole set of programming references for the language I was coding in, something few people then, and almost no one now, has ever heard of called Smartware II (originally, Smartware Programming Language, or SPL). It was exciting (at least to a geek like me) how many things I discovered I could do with this programming stuff.

But learning the theory was nothing like actually doing it, and I had absolutely no one to show me the ropes. No one to bounce questions off of about what I was learning. Yes, I finally got the programs written, but through a ton of trial and error. It took me over a year, and I discovered later I did a lot of things the hard way.

That’s why I understood the value of Search Engine Academy’s mentoring program even before I become an SEA instructor. For years, one of the unique aspects of Search Engine Academy live workshop training has been SEO Mentoring. This is a way to get a whole new dimension of insight on the stuff you learn at one of our SEO workshops.

The details of the mentoring program will depend somewhat on the instructor for the workshop you take along with the type and length of the workshop. Usually, however, it consists of several mentoring sessions following the conclusion to the class. For example, our 5-day workshops typically including 6 months of mentoring (one session per month).

For more information on what mentoring options might be available to you, please contact us and let us know what kind of instruction you’re interested in. If you’re in the UT, CO, or NV area and are interested in joining one of our workshops, you can find more information about them here.