How do you achieve your fullest potential in Internet Marketing
on the Web? First take a look at this SEO Workshop from last
week (over in Asia:)

SEO Master Trainer, Fabian Lim with his Nov. Workshop







Fabian just completed his 5 Day hands-on SEO Workshop last
week with his largest group of SEO student graduates ever!

Asia Search Engine Academy with Fabian Lim



Student Graduates in November’s Asia Search Engine
 Academy pictured here with Master Instructor Fabian Lim

I predict that many of the students in this photo will be the
“success stories” of tomorrow. Why do I say that? It’s
simple. It’s because I am used to seeing lives transformed
all the time as graduates apply their skills to projects. and
discover a new SEO within themselves.  Why do I emphasize
the success ratio of this class compared to others?

1. Fabian Lim is an excellent Master instructor

2.but even more influential than that, if you could see all of the
photos of these students that I’ve seen, you’d notice something
in their faces. They all appear to have an intense desire to upgrade
their skills. If this class is any measure of Asian community, they
are all hungry to learn. I don’t see this everywhere always.

There is a principle that might be called “the Law of Attraction”
that can help you build momentum and realize a much fuller
potential on both a professional and personal level. This guiding
principle is best defined as “like attracts like” or to put it another
way, positive energy attracts other positive energy and the same
applies to negative energy too.

Knowing this is quite important, but it’s even more important to
realize a way of applying it to your life. For example, if you are in
debt and only think about trying to get out of debt, then it probably
won’t happen. The reason why it won’t occur is that you are still,
ultimately, focusing on the debt itself.

A better way to do it is to focus on having plenty of success. Doing
this will bring about ways to realize more wealth into your life, and
the debt will often just take care of itself.

You are always attracting things into your life. Always. Everything in
your life is the result of your thoughts, beliefs, and habits. Please note
that it isn’t the result of other people, circumstances, or the environment.
Sadly, our culture is quick to place blame, and that can make taking
complete responsibility a scary prospect for quite a few people.

Of course, we have probably all had opportunity to meet people who tend
to be negative or have a difficult time believing in their vision long
enough to ever see anything positive manifest in their life. In these cases,
there is invariably the old excuse of their trouble being blamed on someone
else’s behavior, or perhaps how life has somehow just been unfair. Whatever
the excuse, rarely will these individuals actively take any responsibility.

If someone is going through a difficult period in a relationship or
perhaps their marriage is in trouble, it has always amazed me that some
people will look to friends who have been divorced once or twice to take
their advice on how to save the relationship. It’s always wisdom to seek
counsel of course, but would you not be smarter to go to someone who has
demonstrated a measure of success?

Isn’t the same true for SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media skills?

You want counsel from someone who can demonstrate a batting average
for success, right? So don’t listen to the voice of your fears, if you expect
to gain any helpful insight or guidance.

Don’t let that fear stop you from moving forward. You need to take
responsibility, but that also means you get to take some credit when
your actions open the gateway for good things to happen to you.

It’s good when you are building your online business to really let a
positive vision materialize before you. If you focus on others rather
than constantly be self-absorbed, remember that law of attraction…
you’ll find that others (most often who are like minded) will be
attracted towards you too. People who have learned how to build other
people up through positive mentoring, will often find new friends in
their life that seem to be positioned there in reciprocating relationships

One of the early lessons I learned while building the Search Engine
Academy network of Associate trainers was this…I discovered that
one of the prime traits to watch for in partners, was to find people
that “care about other people.”

One might naturally think that the first criteria would to find those
that have the technical skills. But what I learned was that I could
teach technical skills to nearly anyone, so long as they were teachable.

However, you cannot teach someone to care about other people. Either you
care about people or you don’t, so I decided to make my benchmark to find
associate SEO trainers who are “others focused,” to know for certain that
they would also care about their students and graduates in a genuine and
ongoing way.










There is nothing wrong with having money, but it should not be the most
driving force. It nearly seems the byproduct of human nature that the
wealthier some people get, the more greedy they become.

Other false status symbols include things like the desire for power, the
fascination with entertainment. None of these things are really bad or wrong,
but what is needed today is a sense of balance. You can find that right balance
by keeping faith in God at the head of your business and the head of your home
and by caring for the people who are brought your way. Everything else will seem
to fall into place with everything you’ll ever need and more waiting for you as you
follow your vision.

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