Good day, my SEO comrades! Since I’ve been teaching for Search Engine Academy, I’ve had success offering customized training for SEO content writer wannabes. It makes sense, because content marketing is the big thing now in getting better visibility on the internets.

SEO and Content Writing Essentials

So, what are the skill sets that are desirable for being a successful web content writer, you may ask? Glad you want to know, because here’s what I’ve gathered from professional writers I’ve been training in search engine optimization. First, here’s the soft skills that are required for SEO and content writing:

Program/Project Management – Pretty much every website writer I know has to master basic program and project management skills. These include evaluating the scope of the project, figuring out the approximate number of hours and level of effort necessary to complete the tasks. Knowing how to use spreadsheets or project management software to track and update progress on tasks is also very helpful.

Written/Verbal Communications – Well duh, it’s obvious that being able to communicate by writing is a given. However, many times a writer has to participate in team meetings where everyone who’s involved in the web project briefs the others on her tasks and how they’re progressing.

Now, let’s talk about some website or SEO-specific skills that any writer wants to possess, so she can offer more value for her writing skills and business.

Keyword Research – I think that any online writer ought to first learn how to use some basic keyword research tools to find some phrases that are low-hanging fruit – a high number of searches and a low number of competing web pages. A good writer can upsell her keyword research skills and services because not only can she find phrases for static web pages, but she can uncover a buttload of great keywords that make excellent blog posts, webinars, case studies, and white papers, booyah!

Create Unique, Useful Meta Tags – I believe anyone in SEO content analysis should not only be responsible for the body, or page content, but she should also master writing optimized meta tags that comply with search engine recommended guidelines. It’s not hard and a good writer can also incorporate this type of SEO content editing and increase the cost she charges for writing web page copy.

Make Google-friendly Anchor Text – Any decent writer can easily grasp the importance of creating diverse anchor text for links to stay on Google’s good side of the Penguin algorithm.

So there you are. Content marketing is the way to go, and it requires tons of good content daily, if not several times per week. Make sure you either hire a good SEO content writer who can do these things or, if you’re the writer, get these skills to boost your revenue, umkay?

If you’re already a content marketer, but need ideas for writing your next bit of copy, check out this infographic.

Until next time…keep it safely between the ditches!