Who better to consult with you on your digital marketing than the folks who’ve been teaching SEO to students around the world for more than a decade?

We’re coming up hard on 2017.  Time doesn’t just fly, it’s supersonic!  Here I am starting my 16th year as a full-time web marketing professional, my 6th year as an instructor for the Search Engine Academy (SEA), and my second year as the SEA corporate president.  Each year I’m excited about what the year ahead will bring, but I’m especially excited this year about an entirely new dimension that the SEA is rolling out in January.

Whenever any of the SEA instructors teach a workshop we almost always have students eager to continue to receive expert advice.  We help where we can (for example one of the perks of our workshop training is a 2 to 6-month, no-extra-cost, SEO mentoring program ), but we haven’t had a formal mechanism for actually providing professional consulting service.  Until now.

First of all, you can now get a free SEO evaluation from the SEA, so that’s a start.  But more exciting than that, next month we will be offering consulting hours that can be purchased by anyone, not just former students (former students get a discount, of course).  We don’t have our sales page up just yet, but I wanted to give our readers a heads up about what to watch for.

The Search Engine Academy, founded in 2002 by John Alexander and Robin Nobles, is a group of dedicated Associates from around the globe.  Our Associates not only teach SEO, but each one of us actually spends a huge amount of our time in real world SEO and digital marketing projects on a daily basis.  Not only that, but we are, simply put, passionate about helping businesses succeed in the online world.  SEO is what we do, whether it’s consulting with businesses, training SEO staff or entrepreneurs, or marketing our own businesses.  In other words, our Associates bring real world experience and knowledge to the businesses we have the privilege to touch.  And now, the Search Engine Academy has decided to expand our offerings to help your business beyond just our training courses.

A one-to-one consultation is designed to bring you the most value possible.  What would you like to get out of a consultation?  Here are a few options:

  • A professional review of your website and SEO strategy
  • Problem-solving for your website and online presence
  • Answers to troubling questions, especially the ones where you’ve been reading confusing and conflicting information
  • Suggestions for how to prioritize your digital marketing tasks
  • Ideas for how to improve your own capabilities and knowledge

How else can we help you?  I’m sure you’ll get creative with that question!

Just to be clear, the Search Engine Academy is not a digital marketing agency. We don’t “do” optimization for businesses on an ongoing or project basis. However, many of our instructors are involved in digital marketing agencies of their own and would be willing to help you out with ongoing projects through their home agencies, if that’s what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in attending our trainings in-person, find out if you’re near one of our international locations.

So, what do you do if you want to take advantage of this opportunity to get a professional pair of eyes looking at your digital marketing challenges? To make sure you get immediate notification when we open our consulting page for business, subscribe to this blog, sign up for our newsletter (see the bottom of this page), and keep paying attention to our Facebook and Twitter feeds for further updates.