At Search Engine Academy, we teach SEO basics and advanced search engine optimization strategies and techniques. I’m going to show you how to do SEO with some high level, basic functions anyone can do for their web site. Ready? Umkay, here we go!

How to Learn SEO at Home: The Essentials

SEO Basic #1: Do your keyword research. As I like to ask my attendees, “How the hell are you going to show up in search results if you have NO clue what words and phrases your target audience is plugging into the search engines to find your business services and products?!” You have to know the keyword phrases that are being used for your business vertical. Don’t guess: don’t ask your mother, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, or your cat. Do some basic keyword research, learn how to use SEO keywords, and stop shooting in the dark, alright? Google has some great free tools–Google Trends and the Google AdWords keyword research tool, to name two.

SEO Basic #2: Write great content for your human reader. Did you know you’re not writing content to rank well, but to draw interest and attention from your target audience? Is this a news flash, smack-your-forehead-in-wonder moment? If so, great! You should always, always, always write content that informs and educates your dear reader, your prospects, and your target market.

SEO Basic #3: Create unique web page titles and descriptions. Nine times out of ten, your meta title and meta description tag will be featured for your pages in search engine results pages. You owe it to yourself, your click through rate, and your eventual rankings to put some time, thought, energy and care into figuring out how to write meta descriptions (and title tags) for SEO. Think about it–are you motivated to click on a link that tells you absolutely nothing about the page? Of course not! So why would your target audience do it? Duh!

SEO Basic #4: Set up and monitor your analytics and webmaster dashboards. Once again, I ask my lovelies, “If you’ve done this SEO work, but you haven’t put measuring tools in place, how the hell are you going to know if what you’ve done is working or not?!” It’s not hard to install the analytics code or verify your website in Webmaster Tools. As soon as you start publishing your site, make sure you have these tools in place so you can begin collecting website/page performance data right away and figure out what is or isn’t working.

SEO Basic #5: Get back links slowly and carefully. In this post-Penguin environment, I tell my students to initially concentrate on their local business listings and social media platforms for links. Right now, too many webmasters are running scared and won’t link back to you anyways, because they are convinced if they do so, Google will throw a lightning bolt at their site and destroy it with Google fire. Not true, but who am I to spend a lot of time trying to educate the ignorant?

So you go. This is basic SEO stuff that never goes out of style. Concentrate on the basic stuff, watch your rankings slowly gain momentum in organic search results, then go from there. If you’ve stumbled on this page and are still not sure what SEO is, read more about SEO and what it can do for you here.

Until next time, keep it safely between the ditches, umkay?

All the best to you,