Great news from the from the team at the Search Engine Academy! Instructor Steve Scott has been working hard with his contacts at SEMrush, a leading provider of advanced research and analytical tools for SEO and SEM professionals to establish a strategic partnership which allows us to offer students who attend a workshop with a two week free trial. We sometimes feature content from them here on our blog, such as this article on SERP rankings.

This is a great addition to the current free trial and bonuses already offered to Search Engine Academy students. One of the things that is unique about our curriculum is that we focus on the fundamentals of search engine optimization such as keyword research, creating great content, focusing on the users, and how to amplify your online presence rather than focusing on a single tool-set.  What we find is each tool has its strengths and depending on the situation often times it’s beneficial to have more than one arrow in the quiver.

If you’re not familiar with SEMrush, it’s an awesome tool that was created by SEO/SEM professionals. The modules for organic keyword research, AdWords insights, competitive analysis, and performance tracking live on top of a robust database. They are constantly updating the keyword and domain data to equip business owners and SEO professionals to make good data-driven decisions.

They recently updated the interface to a very user-friendly, lightweight graphic design. Here’s an example of the organic position changes dashboard that is part of the new design.



You can check out more about the tools in this blog post  about the new design.

“We’re very pleased that the Search Engine Academy selected our tool to include as a part of their training curriculum. It’s a great tool for people at all levels,” explained Alexandra Tachalova, SEMrush Brand Manager. “The interface is easy for beginners to use and advanced users love the quality and quantity of the data. We believe teaming up with the Search Engine Academy will help their students be even more successful.”

All of the instructors have been working hard to find and offer the best information and tools available through our workshops. Here at the Academy we specialize in teaching students at all levels about how to succeed in search engine optimization to drive more traffic, generate qualified leads, and increase sales.

Register for an SEO workshop today and get your two week free trial of SEMRush as well as the many othe benefits of being a graduate of the Search Engine Academy!

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