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Hi just a quick note from Montreal to let you know that I will be presenting a (free) Live SEO Webinar on Wednesday February 1st. 2012, at 1 PM EST as part of the ongoing Search Engine Academy commitment to the SEO Training Webinar Series and of course hope all of you can join me.

We are going to look under the search engines’ hood, from #MattCutts to #Panda, and at how to use it to your advantage. With luck I’ll pull it all together for you in one hour or less.

I am promoting the webinar with the following caution: WARNING: this could be unlike any SEO webinar you’ve attended as the slide deck is like I have never done before, with the intention of entertaining as well as enlightening.

So your friendly support and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Here is link to register for the webinar  http://bit.ly/sea20120201 please feel free to pass it on to those you like!

Be sure to check out the upcoming dates of our Worldwide SEO Training Workshops to find the location nearest you.

Greg Mate
SEO Training Montreal

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