Good day to all of my SEO comrades! As an associate of Search Engine Academy, I get requests for candidates to interview for search engine optimization jobs.

This is good and bad. It’s good because here in the Washington DC metro area, there is more SEO work than there are qualified warm bodies to do the work. It’s bad because there aren’t enough qualified SEOers to meet the demand.

I want to spell out 5 reasons why an SEO career is so very kewl. If you’re a regular reader, you already know these, but do me a favor and pass this onto somebody who may be thinking about getting into our profession, umkay? Thanks!

  • First, an SEO career is great because of what I just said…more work than people to do it. Here in the DC area, I don’t have SEO competitors. I have friends who are just like me – having to turn work away due to a very crowded schedule.
  • Second, search engine optimization jobs are across all industries. If you have a passion about a particular business vertical or industry, believe me, someone needs SEO help in that area! If I concentrated hard on my passions, I’d only take clients in the aviation and sailing business verticals.
  • Third, an SEO career is really good because you can work at home or telecommute, if that’s your thing. SEO jobs are green jobs, dammit! Why not show some love for the environment by staying at home and doing your work? I love working at home. I’m with my cats and dog, I stay caught up on laundry, I can dress like a slob, sing out loud (and I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, seriously!) and I have NO office politics to deal with, thank you!
  • Fourth, you can work on a variety of projects. Maybe you only do keyword research for one client, pay per click for another, and full-blown organic SEO for yet another one. Whatever, you will not be bored!
  • Fifth, you will learn more about different business industries than you’d like to. Whatever clients you do work for, unless it’s in the same business vertical, you’re going to learn a helluva lot about many different industries, which is a good thing!

With these five reasons, why don’t you, or someone you know, take a look at our SEO classes and get trained fast? You get your SEO certification, and if you’re here in the DC area, I have an agreement with Onward Search, a job placement firm that specializes in placing SEO and social media professionals in jobs.

Until next time…keep it between the ditches and be very well, umkay?

All the best,